Health and Welfare

The well-being of our greyhounds is of the utmost importance and concern to GRNZ.  Their care and well-being is crucial to our future, we understand this and so do our participants.  

"We, as the overseers of greyhound racing in New Zealand, are responsible for the care and welfare of our magnificant athletes.  We must set the standards for a life worth living and continually challenge the status quo to improve their well-being."  Dr Mairi Stewart, Head of Welfare, GRNZ

The Hansen Report

In October 2017, Rodney Hansen CNZM QC, delivered a report on the state of Animal Welfare standards as they then applied to the industry in New Zealand (‘the Hansen Report’).  The report was commissioned by the New Zealand Racing Board and intended to assist both the Board and GRNZ in assessing progress in the industry and opportunities for improvement. The report contained 20 recommendations which were accepted by GRNZ and incorporated into our current and ongoing work programme.

Not everything can be achieved at once but even the Hansen Report itself makes clear that we have 'made a genuine and determined commitment to improving Greyhound welfare across the board'.

We are committed to providing quarterly updates on our progress on the recommendations in the Hansen Report.

Report to New Zealand Racing Board on Welfare Issues Affecting    
Greyhound Racing in New Zealand
Rodney Hansen CNZM QC

Hansen Report

Greyhound Racing Hansen Report Update
May 2018

Quarter 1 Update
Greyhound Racing Hansen Report Update
August 2018

Quarter 2 Update
Greyhound Racing Hansen Report Update
November 2018

Quarter 3 Update

Greyhound Racing Hansen Report Update

February 2019

Quarter 4 Update

Greyhound Racing Hansen Report

Year 1 Summary Feb 2019

Year 1 Summary

Health and Welfare Standards

In 2018 we published our revised Health and Welfare Standards. This major undertaking began in February 2017, prior to the release of the Hansen Report, and was intended to review and improve our Code of Welfare. It simplifies and modernises our industry practices and our new standards now exceed the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) Code of Welfare for all dogs.

Health and Welfare Standards (also referred to as the GRNZ Welfare Code or Code of Welfare) - Effective from 1 August 2018
Clarification: The sizes referred to in the Facility Design Standards (2.3 - 2.5 inclusive) and Breeding (Standard 7.2) apply only to new build and refurbishments.

H&W Standards Poster

GRNZ Health & Welfare Standards Poster

Breeding Poster

Breeding Poster

Socialisation and Rehoming Poster

Socialisation and Rehoming Poster
Injury, Illness & Disease Prevention and Care Poster

Injury, Illness & Disease Prevention & Care Poster