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Rules and Policies

The GRNZ is governed by the Rules of Racing.  The Rules of Racing are determined by the Rules of Racing Committee and approved by the RIB in accordance with the GRNZ Constitution and the 2020 Racing Industry Act and then authorised by the GRNZ Board. These Rules are then administered by the Association through its Chief Executive, Racing Department and the RIB (Racing Integrity Board).  To complement the Rules, GRNZ also issues and implements a number of regulations and policies.  Click on any of the rules or policies below to view.

Master Rules of Racing - Effective from 1 August 2018 (amended 1 October 2021 and 6 April 2022)

Health and Welfare Standards (also referred to as the GRNZ Welfare Code or Code of Welfare) - Effective from 1 August 2018

Kennel Sizes

For clarification: The greyhound facilities standards are currently under review - nothing has been finalised yet. The kennel standards referred to in the Health and Welfare Standards are for new-builds and refurbishments ONLY, which have been built/refurbished since February 2019. We apologise for any confusion that may have been caused.

GRNZ, with the assistance of a newly established Housing Standards Working Group and the GRNZ Animal Health and Welfare Committee, is currently reviewing the greyhound facilities standards.

Until this review is complete, the following standards still apply:

Newly built kennels and refurbishments since February 2019

As per Section 2 of the GRNZ Health and Welfare Standards (effective February 2019), kennel sizes for newly built kennels and refurbishments must meet the following requirements:

Standard 2.3: Kennel (bed and run) – Minimum size = 3m2 floor (no less than 1.2m wide) x 1.2m high 

Section 2 of the GRNZ Health and Welfare Standards can be found here


Existing kennel facilities

Until the kennel standards are reviewed, existing facilities must, at the absolute least, comply with the minimum standards under the Code of Welfare for Dogs (Section 4.2).

Minimum Kennel Sizes for Large Dogs:

Kennel Only
1m x 1.5m    
Kennel + Run
0.8m x 0.8m + 1.0m x 0.8m

The reason we will not be adopting the dog code sizes is because they are based on weight and do not recognise the conformation of greyhounds is longer and higher than the average NZ dog in the same weight range. The principle is always that animals must be able to stand up, turn around stretch and lie down.

Refer to Standard 2.6:  Kennel areas must provide at least enough space for each animal to feed, sleep, sit, stand, lie with limbs extended, stretch, turn around and move about with room to urinate and defecate away from their bed.

If the RIB encounter any facility not meeting the requirements as contained in Section 2 of the Health and Welfare Standards during audits, and as a result are deemed by the RIB to have negative welfare implications for greyhounds, charges will be considered. LPs will also be asked to provide a documented plan to upgrade the facilities, and this will be followed up during future audits or kennel visits.

Vaccination Policy

Constitution - Updated Constitution came into effect on 14 August 2020


GRNZ Policies

Please click on the individual policies below for further information.

Approved Qualifying Times

Board Approved Lure Policy

Breeding Female Policy - Amended 1 March 2019

Categories of Prohibited Substances

Dress Code Policy - Refer to club for local standards

Ear branding Update

Greyhound Socialisation Policy

GRNZ Abandonment Guideline / Procedure

GRNZ Import and Grading Policy

GRNZ Veterinary Certificate of Death Policy

Late Litter Registration Policy

Protocol for Drug and Alcohol Testing of Licensed Persons

Qualifying Trials Policy

Small Breeder Fund Policy

Social Media Policy Licensed Persons

Transportation of Greyhounds

Use of Alternative or Complementary Medicines Policy

The Standard for Blinker Policy
Hypoxia and Cramping Policies
Consecutive Day Nomination Policy
Scratching Due to a Material Change in Track Conditions Policy


Greyhound On-Track Euthanasia Guidelines

Defaulter List

Defaulter List

Health and Safety

Board Responsibilities

Health and Safety Manual

Appendix to H&S Manual

Health and Safety Club Checklist

H&S Safety Meeting Form

H&S Club Contractors Agreement

H&S Accident Incident Register Form

H&S Hazardous Substances Register Form

Trainer and Handler Induction Form

Summary of WHS Impact on Clubs