Stud Masters, FS Importers and Stud Dogs

To breed greyhounds in New Zealand you need to be a licensed Stud Master, Litter Master or Breeder. To find out more about what is involved in breeding greyhounds please refer to the GRNZ Rules of Racing and Greyhound Welfare Standards. Additionally, see the breeding timeline graphic and related processes and forms below. The breeding of greyhounds is a vital part of a successful greyhound racing sport in New Zealand. And it needs to be done right. Choosing the right combination of Dam and Sire can have a big impact. Growing pups then need the benefit of the best possible food, the right amount of handling and exercise, and close monitoring if they are to develop into athletes.

From 1 August 2018 GRNZ are no longer importing Frozen Semen into New Zealand. To assist all breeders to collaborate, below you will find a list of the countries’ Stud Dogs and Stud Masters and FS importers.

If you would like to list your dog as a stud, register as a stud master or frozen semen supplier/importer, contact GRNZ at [email protected] with your stud’s details and please ensure all your licences are up to date.

Fozen Semen

GRNZ for contact details

Frozen Semen Stud Master
Above All Alison Lee
Allegro Gun Jake Bell
American Warrior Katie Wyllie
Belfast Johnny Kirsty Taylor
Bolty Jose Arthur
Dyna Vikkers Craig Roberts
Kilchurn Glen Hodgson
My Bro Fabio Ray Amer
Winsome Opawa Robin Wales
Yella Mustard Blair Shaw
Zinzan Brooke Garrick McCarthy

New Zealand Stud Dogs

GRNZ for contact details

North Island

Dog Whelping Location Contact
BIGTIME LEO 01/05/2017 Hawera Mikayla Clark
BUDDY BOOM 28/10/2017 Te Kauwhata Jared Udy
TROJAN HOARSE 16/10/2016 Hawera Mikayla Clark

South Island

Dog Whelping Location Contact
AMERICAN WARRIOR 07/12/2013 Sefton Katie Wyllie
DYNA ELWYN 07/03/2016 Christchurch Howard Anderton
EMINENT REALITY 12/02/2015 Rangiora Ashley Bradshaw
KNOW KEEPER 27/02/2019 Rangiora Gary Cleeve
SOUTHERN LIGHTS 11/01/2014 Invercargill Roy Hamilton


GRNZ Breeding forms include:

Step   GRNZ Form Required Fee
Register a Breeding Female

3 Greyhound Australasia Application to Transfer the Ownership of a Frozen Semen Breeding Unit

4 Register a Service - Natural

Register a Service (FSI)


5 Result of Whelping Form – generated by GRNZ upon receipt of payment for the service

7 Litter Registration Form sent to litter master, who is responsible for returning it to GRNZ (including vaccination and microchip information), before puppies are 8 weeks old.

$50 per puppy
10 Registration of Name – sent to the breeder upon receipt of payment for the litter registration $50 per greyhound