Authority to Lease Greyhound (And Agreement)

Authority to Nominate Greyhound on Behalf

Authority to Sign Documents on Behalf

Authority to Terminate Greyhound Lease Agreement   


Authority to Breed

Breeding Female Exemption Application

Greyhounds Australasia - FSI Transfer of Ownership

Register a Breeding Female

Register a Service (FSI)

Register a Service (Natural)

Register a Stud Sire

Small Breeder Fund Application Form

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Information

Emergency Plan

Exercise, Socialisation and Enrichment (ESE)

Exercise, Socialisation and Enrichment Plan

ESE Plan resources and information


Licence as Breeder

Licence as Handler

Licence as Judge / Starter / Lure Driver

Licence as Litter Master and / or Stud Master

Licence as Owner

Licence as Owner/Trainer

Licence as Partnership

Licence as Public Trainer

Licence as Public Trainer Partnership

Licence as Syndicate Member Only


Official Satisfactory Trial

Official Qualifying Trial

Official Solo Trials

Registration and Ownership

Change of Syndicate Membership

Contact Details Update Form

New Import-Greyhound Returning to NZ

Notification of Syndicate Members

Register as Syndicate (and Agreement)

Transfer of Greyhound Ownership

Transfer of Ownership - Un-named Greyhound

Transfer of Trainer

Retirement, Death & Euthanasia

Deregister a Greyhound

Certificate of Euthanasia by a Veterinarian

Notice of Intent to Euthanise a Greyhound

Veterinarian Certification of Death

Notice of Intent to Exit Greyhound Racing Industry


RTR Programme Admission Form


 (all prices include GST) 

You can pay your fees online here


Transfer of Trainer No Fee 
Transfer of Ownership  $20.00
Authority to Nominate on Behalf  No Fee
Authority to Sign On Behalf No Fee  
Lease Agreement $30.00 
Syndicate Registration & Agreement (Per Person) $12.00
DNA Test    $225.00 
Litter Registration $50.00
NZ Naming NZ Registration      $50.00
Replacement Certificates        $28.00
Replacement Naming Papers (Per Pup)            $12.00
Replacement Rule Book $25.00
Replacement Registration Cards                            $28.00

On Track Magazine

Advertising No Fee 


No Fee 
Flyer Adverts  POA


NZ Registration (New Import / Greyhound Returning to NZ) $500.00
Australian Naming if done through GRNZ $90.00

Breeding & Frozen Semen

Register a Service (FSI)    $80.00 
Register a Service (Natural)     $50.00
FS Approved Person $275.00
FS Approved Facility $275.00
FS Breeding Unit Registration  $80.00
Register a Stud Sire $1,600.00
Authority to Breed              No Fee

Register a Breeding Female


Application for an Additional Service No Fee
Greyhounds Australasia - FSI Transfer of Ownership $80

Great Mates Rehoming Fees (From August 1st 2022)

Entry Fee No fee
Vaccinations (only charged if you do not provide the dog's vaccinations booklet with its current vaccinations) No fee
Council registration (only charged if you do not provide the dogs current registration tag) No fee

Licenced Persons (Annual Fee ending 31/7/23)

Individual Public Trainer     $175.00
Public Trainer/ Owner Trainer Partnership     $95.00
Owner/Trainer      $95.00
Syndicate Member /Owner/Breeder/Litter Master/Stud Master     various
Syndicate Member Only      $0.00
Syndicate Member Change (per new person)        $12.00
Handler      $10.00
Owner (includes syndicate & assistant managers)     $30.00
Breeder     $50.00
Owner/Handler (renewals)     $40.00