Join in the excitement of racing greyhounds

Everyone can experience the thrills of racing a Greyhound, there are many ways to get involved and it does not matter whether you own a Greyhound by yourself or are a member of a syndicate, the thrills are still the same.

The costs of owning and racing a Greyhound are very reasonable and if you are a member of a syndicate sharing the costs amongst friends lowers it even more.

With only eight Greyhounds in a race, you have more chance of a return on your investment. Top Greyhounds can earn over $100k a year and you may be one of the lucky owners that get a nice return on their racing dog as well as a new friend! A couple of the champions you may have heard of are Little Mother who earned almost $400,000 in less than 3 seasons racing and the world famous stayer Swift Fantasy who earned $150,000 from only 36 starts.

It's great fun for the whole family, and when your Greyhound has finished racing you have the option of taking them home as a pet. Greyhounds make great pets.

Greyhound Racing New Zealand can assist you in finding a trainer who will help you get started in this exciting sport.

Greyhound Syndication

Greyhound Syndication is the way to go!   

Authorised syndicators can offer racing dogs for public syndication.
Syndicates can have as few as three members, with no maximum number.
Costs are shared, but the thrill is the same.
Being a member in a syndicate means you might have more than one greyhound.

The easy way to get involved is to join a syndicate. Greyhound Racing New Zealand can assist you by either putting you in touch with a trainer in your area who may have shares in dogs available, or by giving you the contact details of a registered Authorised Syndicator.

Anyway you look at it, syndication can give you the thrill of a lifetime.

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