FSI Vet List

FSI Vet List for both the North and South Islands for Greyhound Racing New Zealand

Treatment Record Register

This Treatment Record Register is available for you to download and enable easy recording of all treatments purchased and administered to greyhounds in your care.  The recording of all treatments is a requirement under the GRNZ Health & Welfare Standard 8.6.  Every Kennel is required to keep a treatment register and as such this spreadsheet book has been designed to assist with this, however please note that is is not compulsory to use our template.  Below are examples of the four tables in the download.  Each table is in a different tab in the downloadable file.  

aGreyhounds in Care  bTreatment Purchases Treatment Individual 

Breeder Education Pack

The following pack is to assit you in the step by step processes around breding a litter, and the associated costs involved.

Click here to download the pack.

Gear Change Form

As from 1 February 2016 you have to notify any gear your greyhound wears for either racing or kennelling.  The purpose of this is to get information to the punter. This information will be entered at time of nomination. Please use the attached form to indicate any gear changes when faxing in nominations.

Welfare Complaint Form

We really appreciate your feedback on all aspects of welfare and will work with you to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible. If there is a problem, we would like to know so we can help put it right. Please download the complaint form, complete it and then send it back to Michael Dore (GRNZ Racing and Welfare Manager) whose details are on the form

Animal Welfare Form

Veterinarian Certificate

Deregistration of Greyhound

As per Rule 133.2 "A de-registered Greyhound can be sold or gifted to another party provided that suitable care and welfare will be provided and that the full identity and contact details of new Owner are provided to the Association on the prescribed form with the necessary declaration completed.  The Association requires all reasonable care to be taken by the Licenced Person in selling, gifting or placing the Greyhound."

How to Become a Licenced Person

Please follow this link for all the forms for registering as a Licenced Person, Partnership and Syndicates.  This also includes any changes to Syndicates

Charge Authority

Request for another person to be in charge of my Greyhound/s.  In terms of Rule 66.4 I request authority for any of the listed persons to be in charge of greyhounds of which I am the registered Owner, Trainer, Owner/Handler or Owner/Trainer when I am not present at any meeting at which my greyhounds are entered to compete