Becoming a Licensed Person 

There are several ways to get involved in greyhound racing, from simple greyhound ownership through to hands-on involvement as a Licensed Person.  Greyhound racing is an exciting sport where you can get up close and personal with a finely tuned athlete.

If becoming a Licensed Person is your goal, there a number of ways to achieve this through ownership, partnership, syndication or as a sole owner.

Owner-trainer: a trainer who also owns a share in the greyhound or greyhounds in their kennel.
Public trainer: a trainer who trains greyhounds as a living, i.e. for a fee or reward; or as a
Handler: there are two stages to the handlers licence:
  1. Lead and box greyhounds
  2. Catching area only

Becoming a Trainer

Becoming a greyhound trainer can be both financially and emotionally rewarding. Confirming your ultimate decision to become a trainer will require a little research. We recommend that prior to making any decisions on greyhound training, you familiarise yourself with the information contained in the ‘Greyhound Industry Operational Guidelines', along with the greyhound racing rule book and grading guidelines. These are all available from the GRNZ head office at minimal cost.

It would also be advisable to talk to any trainers that you may already know who may give you an indication of the time and resource commitments needed to become a successful trainer. GRNZ can assist in introducing you to a trainer. Training greyhounds is a seven day a week commitment!

When deciding to become a greyhound trainer you will enter into an industry that is passionate about the sport of greyhound racing and even more passionate about the elite animal itself. The process involved in becoming a greyhound trainer, while being relatively simple is designed to ensure that the people entering our industry are doing so with the right intentions and have the welfare of the greyhound at heart at all times.

Becoming a Handler

Becoming a greyhound handler or owner/handler can be a unique and exciting experience, as it allows you to not only own but handle any registered greyhound for the purpose of competing in a race or event conducted in New Zealand.

Becoming a handler is an excellent way to become involved in greyhound racing, even at the young age of 14. It will give you the experience and desire to continue in the industry and perhaps even make a career of it.

Confirming your decision to become a handler will require a little research. It is also recommended that you familiarise yourself with the greyhound racing rulebook.

It would also be advisable to talk to any trainers or handlers that you already know, who may give you an indication of duties or requirements needed to become a successful attendant. GRNZ can assist in introducing you to a trainer or handler.

Please note that there is a process for becoming a licenced handler or owner/handler so it is best to contact either GRNZ or the RIB Stipendiary Steward in your region.

Becoming an Owner

Becoming a greyhound owner will open your world up to a unique and exciting industry and pastime.

You have three options when deciding to become an owner:

  1. Individual Ownership - owning a greyhound outright. 

  2. Partnerships - two people owning a greyhound.

  3. Syndication - This involves a group of people (three or more people) who combine their resources to buy a greyhound under a syndicate name. 

Simply choose the option that suits you and complete the requirements.


  1. To become a Handler, Owner, Owner/Trainer or Public Trainer please complete the relevant Licence form available on the Fees and Forms page on this website. 
  2. To register a Partnership please complete the Licence as Partnership form. If the members are new to GRNZ you will also need to complete the Licence as Owner form.

  3. To register a Syndicate please complete the Register as Syndicate (and Agreement) form. The Manager and Assistant Manager of the Syndicate must have an Owner's licence. Other members will need to complete a Licence as Syndicate Member Only form if they are new to GRNZ.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have and give assistance where necessary. Contact: 04 589 4900



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