GRNZ Rehoming as at 1 August 2019

Greyhound Racing  New Zealand is pleased to announce that from today, 1 August, 43 kennels in Levin will be opened.  With the increase in the number of kennels at Levin, GRNZ has managed to secure 6 experienced kennel hands that will assist with the care of the dogs and their assessments.

Levin will be in a transition phase for about 3 months, whereby GRNZ will partner with GAP in using some of the GAP infrastructure until GRNZ has finalised replacement processes.  In the interim, these are the steps that the trainers will follow:

  • Deregister the dog(s) online (as was the previous  procedure).

  • Register the dog with GAP to be put on the waiting list (as was the previous  procedure).

  • Trainer will receive a call from the Levin kennels, possibly as early as next week, to arrange when the dog(s) can be dropped off.

  • The $60 entry fee will still apply at Levin, Cambridge and Rangiora. 

  • All dogs will need to be up to date with their vaccinations (as they previously did)

In the North Island, GAP will now be operating in a partnership with GRNZ at Cambridge and Levin. In the South Island (Rangiora), GAP will continue to operate as BAU until 01 October, when GRNZ will officially bring Rangiora into the GRNZ rehoming programme.

Nightrave will continue to operate out of Fielding as per normal.  From today onwards, Nightrave will not be accepting any more dogs directly.  

Starting on 1 October, the Nightrave rehoming model will be to work with 20 dogs acquired from the Levin kennels. These will be broken down into 10 rehomeable dogs and 10 difficult dogs, which Nightrave will be able to use their expertise to train and help them become excellent family pets. In the interim, the GAP and Nightrave waitlist will be combined to form the GRNZ waiting list, from which the kennels will work. This only applies to the North Island.


Posted on 01 August 2019

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