Draws for 50th Silver Collar, and Amazing Chase

Auckland GRC conducted a draw under RIU supervision, for the 50th Silver Collar after the running of heats on Sunday 6 June.

$100,000 50th Silver Collar
1 Ripslinger Roxy A Bradshaw
2 Hairpin Trigger J & D Fahey
3 Student Loan J & D Fahey
4 Claws In Leo D Roberts
5 Fine Intention G Fredrickson
6 Little Teegs A Lawrence
7 Thrilling Amelia K Walsh
8 Dobby Who M Prangley
9 Black Stockings A Bradshaw
10 Bad Bro Bad S Codlin
GRNZ conducted a draw, under RIU supervision, for the Amazing Chase on Thursday 3 June using the track seedings that determined entry into the race.  The withdrawal of Big Time Kaylee saw her replaced by Tokyo Bird and the subsequent withdrawal of Jilliby Litsa saw her replaced by Federal Morgan.
The format of the Amazing Chase will see the event conducted as four match races with 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, and 7 vs 8, with the clock deciding the overall placings.  Each odd numbered dog will start from box 1 and the even numbered dogs from box 3.

$50,000 Amazing Chase
1 Pedro Lee P Ferguson
2 It's a Blaze J & D Fahey
3 Opawa Travis N P Green
4 Akashi Boy G Fredrickson
5 Lightnin' Slim C Weir
6 Tokyo Bird A C Roberts
7 Federal Morgan L Cole
8 Drink Shooeys P Ferguson
9 Money Spinner A C Roberts
10 Seductive Kiwi C Weir

Posted on 07 June 2021

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