Updates to the Dress Code

Good afternoon all,

As of the 5th of February, the board has updated the dress code for handlers and catchers which will be taken into effect immediately. 

The changes to note are:

2. Shirts/Blouses
- White only
- Must have collar and sleeves
- Must be worn under coats/vests/jackets
- Shirts/blouses that are designed to be tucked-in must be worn tucked-in.
designed to be worn not-tucked-in may be worn out.

5. Hats/caps
- Black and/or White Caps, Beanies or Black, White or Straw Wide-brimmed Sunhats are allowed
- Caps must not be worn backwards
- No logos unless approved by the Board
- Any other hats/caps (e.g. Industry Promotion Santa Hats) must be approved by the board prior to use.

To view the full dress code, click here.

Posted on 07 February 2020

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