Greyhound On-Track Euthanasia Guidelines

Good afternoon all,

As you are aware, Greyhound Racing New Zealand is committed to greyhound welfare as its primary objective, including putting strategies in place to significantly reduce racing injuries.

The focus on reducing on-track euthanasia is important to ensure greyhounds have the opportunity for a life beyond racing where appropriate, and this particularly relates to when the extent or seriousness of the injury is uncertain due to diagnostic limitations on-track and/or when decisions are being made in an emotionally-charged environment.

Therefore, Greyhound Racing New Zealand have established new guidelines for on-track euthanasia to provide on-track Veterinarians (OTVs), Stewards and participants clearer guidelines on the euthanasia of greyhounds on-track. The new guidelines can be found here or on the Rules and Policies page on our website. 

- The GRNZ Team

Posted on 13 January 2020

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