How to Guide: Placing an Each-Way Multi on TAB

In January 2019 NZTAB made it possible to place an Each-Way Multi through their website.
And once you know the way, an Each-Way Multi is easy to place. Here's how it is done;
1. Select a Greyhound in at least two races by clicking on their Fixed Odds Win price, in the example below, we have selected Thrilling Amigo, Suspicious Minds and Go Angel.
2. Once you have made all of your selections, click on "More Info & Options" on the bottom right of your screen.  This should bring up the "Each-Way" box. 

3. Click the Each-Way box and then enter how much you want to put Each-Way on your first dog - we have entered $10 below which means '$10 Each-Way' costing a total of $20.
As your dogs Win or run Top3, any winnings coming out of one race will be split Each-Way on to your next race.
Good Punting!

Posted on 25 October 2019

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