Blindness investigation

Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) has commissioned an investigation into blindness in greyhounds.  We need your help to investigate how widespread this problem is and what is causing it.

Veterinarians at EyeVet Services, Craig Irving and Petra Price, have diagnosed a concerning number of greyhound dogs in the Manawatu with blindness due to retinal disease. Blindness has implications for the welfare of dogs, their ability to be rehomed and their racing performance and therefore GRNZ is investigating this important issue.

GRNZ has contracted EyeVet Services to determine the proportion of dogs in the Manawatu affected by this disease and identify if there are any patterns associated with these animals that could help our understanding.

 GRNZ is seeking participation of the greyhound trainers in the Manawatu and Wanganui area to be involved in this project. A description of what will be involved is detailed below.

A random selection of  around 20-25 dogs will be examined at each participating property, including pre-racing, racing and retired dogs. Examination will take place at your property at a time convenient to you, on a Saturday or Sunday.

Each dog will have eye drops administered to dilate their pupils, the back of their eyes examined and photographed, and a blood sample taken. The eye examination involves observation with a light source and is not painful. Any dog that is found to have abnormalities with the back of their eyes will undergo further eye tests and a physical exam. Additionally, information about animal treatments, medications and supplements will be collected.

Petra has sought the assistance from many participants and will work with them over the coming weeks.



Posted on 14/05/2019 3:37:30 PM

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