CE Monthly Update - June

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a big month for the Industry and for Greyhound Racing, with the biggest development clearly being the Minister’s announcement of Mr John Messara to review and report on the New Zealand Racing Industry.

Mr Messara comes to us by way of Australia, where he has had a long and successful career in the racing community and its administration - primarily in Thoroughbred Racing. He is a big supporter of racefields legislation and is interested in ways to increase returns to participants and the industry generally.

We see this review as an opportunity for thoughtful consideration of the Racing Industry as a whole, and the chance for us to influence the shape of code relationships for the generation to come. We will be taking this moment to work with our stakeholders and look at extending the ‘working dog’ exception to cover greyhounds in our industry, to strengthen our position as a nimble operator and a first choice provider of new overseas racing content, and to further our animal welfare program with support from the wider industry.

Fundamentally, we believe that we are a vital part of the racing in New Zealand, the engine that can keep codes, clubs and tracks in the regional centers. We race regularly, reasonably and responsibly, and we can race to suit. The hard work that everyone of our LP’s puts into the sport can now have a stake in a potential new system that better recognizes and rewards their efforts.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the racing industry and we’re up for the challenge of helping to define our future. We will keep you posted on developments and look forward to the report/recommendations, due some time around August this year.

As always, hopefully I’ll see you at the track sometime soon.

Mauro Barsi
Mauro Barsi
Chief Executive, GRNZ

Posted on 31/05/2018 10:23:46 AM

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