Rule changes agreed by the Rules of Racing Committee on the 28th April 2018

Each of the following remits were voted in favour by the Rules of Racing Committee on 28th April 2018. These changes have been agreed and will progress to the GRNZ Board for formal approval. This process invites feedback from stakeholders and or  participants that might be relevant to these remits before progressing to them to the final approval stage.

The Remits approved on the 28th are as follows:

Remit one - Submitted by the RIU. Reporting of injuries. 

  • Every owner/trainer under these Rules shall report to the Steward as soon as practicable anything which might have had any bearing in the past running of the Greyhound or may have any bearing on the future running of the Greyhound which comes to their attention.
This remit has been re submitted at the request of NZRB which has better clarity around who the injury must be reported to, when and where.

Remit two - Submitted by GRNZ- Typo under the current Rule

  • CO/COD Races shall not be combined with any other classes. 
The current Rule reads - CO/ Races shall not be combined with any other classes.
The Remit corrects the typo 

Remit three - Submitted by Head of Racing

Greyhounds must remain in the care and control of a Licenced Person at all times unless the Association gives written permission to do otherwise. Greyhounds must not be kept at the premises of, or trained by those who are not Licenced Persons, unless the Association gives written permission to do so.
This is a new Rule in response to the Hansen Report which raised concerns about greyhounds being trained or broken in on unregistered properties, and unregistered/unlicensed persons.

Remit four - Submitted by GRNZ

  • Prize money means any monies given for competing in a Race.
Current Rule - Prize money means any monies, rewards, trophies or consideration whatsoever given for completing in a Race. 
This is requested from the GRNZ Board to update prize money to reflect that we actually pay this by electronic transfer and do not and cannot include trophies or ribbons ETC.


Posted on 30/04/2018 11:37:30 AM

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