CE Monthly Update - May

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a big one this month with the major event being an appearance in front of the Primary Industries Parliamentary Select Committee.

In reality, this was a discussion around the rights and responsibilities Greyhound Racing accepts as part of being able to operate in the community. The vehicle for this discussion was the Hansen Report and the 20 recommendations it has made to improve animal welfare aspects of our business. Some measures are ones that we can implement quickly, and some are ones where we can make interim changes that improve our welfare quickly, while we work towards longer term outcomes. For instance, we will shortly be trialing an anesthetic cream for all branding purposes - we will supply this - and we will also be looking at steps to restrict imported dogs where they have a history of marring or aggressive behaviours.

Longer term, we will need to manage population demographics, both in terms of breeding and rehoming. This coming month I’ll be visiting key clubs and participants in our industry to talk with them about how they operate, what they need from us, and what we can do together to make sure that we secure the future of our industry. I’m very positive about Greyhound racing. The new Future Venues Plan process opens up opportunities for us to get new funding and shape our infrastructure for the next 10 years; the Optimise the Calendar project with the Racing Board let’s us explore adding content to an improved racing calendar; and our negotiations over code funding offer us the chance to change how we are funded and incentivise innovation and product exports.

We need to keep improving our industry and our welfare standards - as we are doing - but the future for our sport is as an international product, trusted, convenient and consistent. We aren’t the biggest code (yet) but we are nimble, smart and we can move quickly for new markets. Greyhounds are great dogs, they can have a great racing career and then be great advocates for our industry thereafter. The pieces are all there, it’s just about bringing them together.

See you soon, at the track.

Mauro Barsi

Mauro Barsi, LLM (Hons), BA
Chief Executive, GRNZ

Posted on 28/03/2018 3:30:08 PM

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