Newshub. Story - GRNZ statement

As highlighted on the TV3 News segment this evening, and as previously stated on this website, an animal welfare focused investigation is currently underway. The lead agency in this investigation is the RNZSPCA operating under the Animal Welfare Act. The RNZSPCA have a number of specific powers under this act. The RIU is providing support to the SPCA investigation.

Greyhound Racing New Zealand has provided full support to both the RNZSPCA and the RIU in relation to this investigation. The advice we have received from the RIU, and that we are following, is to allow the investigative process undertaken by the RNZSPCA to progress and not be undermined.

GRNZ is unequivocal that the integrity of greyhound racing in New Zealand is our foremost priority, we have a zero tolerance to any proven form of inappropriate animal welfare practice or issue.

Once the RNZSPCA investigation is complete and any action taken by the SPCA implemented, the RIU will then be in a position to investigate whether there has been a breach of the Rules of Racing, and advise GRNZ of any action that should be taken.


Posted on 11/12/2017 6:07:02 PM

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