Grading advisory

In recent times it has become apparent that there is a degree of confusion throughout the industry in regards to the grading and applying of penalties for greyhounds which have competed in a ‘race series’. These series have historically comprised of heats and a final, however recently we have also occasionally had series incorporating semi-finals.


Although we are acutely aware of the significance of penalty free races and the need for these races which provide younger greyhounds the opportunity to move up through the grades at a steady pace, we also recognise the need for and the importance of having a consistent number of greyhounds competing at the highest level.


This situation has now been brought to the attention of the newly established GRNZ Rules of Racing Committee and will be addressed as soon as possible in an endeavour to remove any doubt surrounding the current situation, further to this there is also a need for more clarification and an accurate definition of ‘running out nom’s’.


In the interim GRNZ would like to clarify our current position and explain our interpretation of the grading in these situations until such time as the rules are made more robust removing absolutely any doubt. GRNZ will take the following interpretation


  1. These series will be considered as a ‘one penalty per series’ concept for all grades
  2. They will include all semi-finals that make up a part of the ‘race series’.
  3. When a greyhound is nominated for a ‘race series’, it will be considered to be running out nom’s for the duration of that series regardless of whether that series consists of heats and final or heats, semi-final and final.
  4. Any further nomination placed during that particular ‘race series’ will mean the greyhound will be eligible to nominate for any race for which it is graded at the time those particular nominations close.
  5. This means any dog that competes in a ‘race series’ will only receive one penalty or re-grading upwards and or benefit towards down grading (one miss) will be applied.
  6. To address the confusion when dealing with C1 graded dogs who have only won a maiden race and therefore require two wins before moving up to C2 grade, the respective C1 greyhound will only be re-graded to C1.5


I trust this will assist in the interim while the longer term solution is developed. Thank you for your patience. 


Posted on 7/03/2017 2:52:39 PM

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