Greyhound of the Year

Prior to 2010 the Greyhound of the Year was determined by points earned throughout the year. In 2009 a rule change was voted on at that year's AGM which allowed for a panel of seven Greyhound racing media and race commentators to select the winner. The rule change was passed and came into force for the following year. The rule (31) states that a majority of the panel must agree on the winner. The first winner under this new system was Little Mother.

Winners to date under the new system:

2023   Opawa Superstar
2022   Know Keeper
2021   Federal Morgan
2020   Buddy Boom
2019   Dyna Weslyn
2018   Bigtime Paddy
2017   American Warrior
2016   Dyna Vikkers
2015   Shandell
2014   Piggy Back
2013   Thrilling Brat
2012   Little Mother
2011   Sergio
2010   Little Mother

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