Frozen Semen Bank

FSI Orders

Orders are only valid when applied for direct through Greyhound Racing New Zealand.  No holds are accepted.  All applications are subject to availability and will be filled in the order they are received and cleared. All cheque payments should be made payable to ‘Greyhound Racing New Zealand'. All orders are subject to funds clearance first.

GRNZ reserves the right to decline any orders for any reason and return payment for any order or part order not filled.

Prices DO NOT include:

  • Insemination costs;
  • Delivery costs to nominated accredited FS Insemination Clinic in New Zealand;
  • Insurance;
  • Storage or handling costs if any at your accredited clinic, including the return of cannisters to Vets on Carlton in Wanganui;
  • Greyhounds Australasia's fees pertaining to the straw(s) for the administration of GA's FSI repository process;
  • Transfer of Ownership for a vial is $80.00 and Registration is also $80.00;
  • GST.

All these costs will be invoiced to the purchaser as and when GRNZ are notified from the respective suppliers.

Prices quoted are approximate and may be subject to minor change once GRNZ has finalised custom import duty issues. To this end, GRNZ reserves the right to invoice the purchaser for any subsequent increase in the final confirmed price and conversely agrees to refund the purchaser any overpayment, which may arise out of the determination of the final confirmed cost.

Please note that GRNZ can not confirm availability of return service straws/refund for impregnation failure. Any conditions are at the discretion of the Studmaster and will apply to GRNZ sales.

To order simply complete a FS straw order form (click here) and forward it to GRNZ with the required payment. Click here for the Greyhounds Australiasia FS forms. 

The following frozen semen is available.

Greyhound Straws Available Approx Price (AUD)
Addis Boy 4 $888.00
Bekim Bale 2 $2600.00
Brumby Lad 2 $880.00
Bye Bye Bucks 4 $615.00
Cosmic Rumble 5 $2600.00
Country Willee 1 $600.00
Dee Winter 5 $550.00
Droopys Marco 2 $990.00
Dyna Lachlan 1 $2750.00
Fear Zafonic 1 $1100.00
Fenceline 1 $1100.00
Head Bound 5 $5500.00
Mandagery Man 3 $1356.67
Mildean Panther 11 $1850.00
Most Awesome 1 $1500.00
Outa Credit 2 $1360.00
Paw Licking 1 $1350.00
Pure Octane 2 $2000.00
Saintly Crew 1 $700.00
Snozz 5 $700.00
Surgeon 2 $900.00
Swift Fancy 3 $1000.00
Trendy Leigh 4 $1120.00
Tuiaki 4 $915.00
Your Awesome 3 $570.00