Health and Welfare Fact Sheets

GRNZ is producing a series of Health and Welfare Fact Sheets which can be found on this page. We strongly recommend that all participants take the time to read through these documents. GRNZ also thanks Greyhound Racing Victoria for providing them with additional fact sheets, which you can also find below.
This page will be regularly updated.

Greyhound Dental Care

Dental care poster for fact sheet

Barking in the Kennel Environment

Breeding Poster

Abnormal Behaviours in Greyhounds Fact Sheet

Socialisation and Rehoming Poster

Socialising Greyhounds for Racing Success

GRNZ Health & Welfare Standards Poster

When do I need to take my greyhound to the vet?

Worming and Deworming in Greyhounds


Biosecurity FAQs

Kennel Hygeine and Disinfection