Purchasing a greyhound

Once you have decided which option of ownership best suits you, it is best to work out what budget you have available and seek advice from any contacts you may already have within the industry. 

Purchasing a greyhound can be done in two ways:

1. Purchase of a Pup: The most common option for prospective owners, involves purchasing a greyhound from the age of three to five months. Prices of pups vary depending on pedigree and race performance of the sire and dam. Purchase of a greyhound pup allows for greater involvement over the entire life of the greyhound. Great personal satisfaction can be gained by watching your pup grow into a racing greyhound.

2. Purchase of a ready-to-race Racing Greyhound: While this is likely to be a more expensive option, it allows you to become part of the racing action quicker. It would be assumed factors such as naming the greyhound and its first race starts have already been conducted; hence an indication of the greyhound's ability can be attained.

Who can I get to train my greyhound?

Greyhound Racing New Zealand is happy to assist you to find a public trainer in your area. There are Public Trainers thoughout New Zealand. Contact the office on (04) 589 4900 to find out more information.

Current opportunities: