Palmerston North Greyhounds

Palmerston North Greyhounds race at the Manawatu Raceway, sharing the facilities with the Manawatu Harness Racing Club. Manawatu Raceway is the newest all weather track in the country having been completed in 2008 and giving the Central Districts a choice of racing venues.

Manawatu Raceway, Pioneer Highway, Palmerston North
President: Paul Freeman
Secretary: Sue Hodson
PO Box 7088
Inner City
Palmerston North 4410
Phone: (06) 358 3948
Mark's Mobile (027) 4447 913 
Scratchings (027) 303 8768
Email: [email protected]


Race days are most Tuesdays throughout the year. 

Close with the GRNZ per On Track publication race schedules. 

Kennels are open 120 minutes prior to the first race. Kennel times can vary depending on the length of race programs and the number of races being run so check with the club if in doubt.

Track Distances
Racing is conducted for all grades over 375m, 410m, 457m, 660m and 720m 

Trial Information
Contact (027) 303 8768

Catering can be arranged for Groups if pre-arranged with the Club Contact. Hot and cold drinks are available.



Distance Greyhound  Time (Date) 
375 metres   Thrilling Marvel      20.60 (01/03/2023)
410 metres Power Boom 22.83 (26/07/21)
457 metres Aston Kennett 25.21 (10/03/2023)   
660 metres Know Keeper 37.74 (03/12/2021)
720 metres Know Keeper 40.93 (04/02/2022)
766 metres Thrilling Brat 43.46 (24/10/11)


Distance Time
375 metres 22.65
410 metres 24.60
457 metres 27.00



Palmerston North Greyhound Racing Club 2014 (Inc)

Greyhounds are allocated points from the following table for each of their last four starts immediately prior to the date of nominations closing. The order of entry will be in descending order of points earned, except for Criteria 9






















1. Greyhounds with less than 4 raceday starts are awarded 4 points for each start not had. A Greyhound having its first raceday start is awarded 18 points.  A first starter is selected ahead of other Greyhounds on 18 points

2. Downgrading Greyhounds are allocated the higher of 20 points, or the actual points earned from their last 4 starts for the downgrade start only. If that start is recorded as "F" or "P" then the Greyhound gets 20 points for the next start in the lower grade. Usual point earnings apply thereafter.  Downgrading Greyhounds are selected ahead of other Greyhounds on the same points.

3. a) All grades have equal rights for inclusion into Invitational Races. The points system is applied to all nominations with highest points gaining entry irrespective of grade. Invitation Races are penalty free.

    b) Entry into Restricted Age races will have the highest graded Greyhounds entered first. The points system is applied to determine the order of entry.  

4. Distance form will only count towards Distance races. Distance races will be selected on points earned in the last 4 Distance starts. A Greyhound with less than 4 distance starts is awarded 4 points for each start not had. The order of entry for Greyhounds on equal points is determined first by the middle distance grading where the highest Middle Distance grade will determine the order of entry, and secondly by condition 5 below. A first starter over the Distance is selected ahead of other Greyhounds on 18 points.

5. If two or more Greyhounds are on equal points then the order of entry may be determined by points earned from the most recent start irrespective of when the last start occurred. If the last start comparison is also equal then the previous start is used, and so on. Where there is still no difference then the selector may use his/her discretion to select.

6. Imported Greyhounds will have form from their previous country (as provided by NZGRA) used to determine points. 

7. Any "F" or "P" in a Greyhounds form will not be recognised, and the previous start is used to determine points

8. Any time where the selector uses his/her discretion this will be the final decision

9. Any greyhound that nominates at Palmerston North, and fails to get a start after three (3) consecutive nominations when a race in the greyhound's current grade has been carded, shall be guaranteed a tote start when a race for that greyhound's grade is next carded provided. See Rule 10.  If there are more dogs than required on the 3 miss rule the order of entry will be on the points gained in the last start or on a countback if they are equal, refer rule 5.
The trainer must notify the Palmerston North GRC Club by 10.00am on the day nominations close for that meeting where the 3 miss rule applies.

10. Group 1 meetings, group and any club feature races are not included in this policy (Criteria 9); these will be selected strictly on points.

11.  Tier 2 Racing

12. Where PNGRC requests GRNZ to select he fields on their behalf, GRNZ selection criteria may be used.

Updated 26 November 2020