The largest Club in the country, the Christchurch Club's base (shared with Harness Racing) at Addington Raceway is an excellent facility for participants and enthusiasts alike and plays host to a number of the Code's glamour events such as the New Zealand Cup, the New Zealand Oaks, the Kingston Cup and the South Island Championship.  It is often said it takes a 'strong dog' to win at Addington.

Addington Raceway, 75 Jack Hinton Drive, Christchurch
Chairperson: Jean Fahey
Manager: Sarah Clausen
PO Box 9403, Tower Junction, Christchurch, 8149
Phone: (03) 338 6145
A/H: (03) 338 0187
Mobile: (027) 431 0117
Email: [email protected]


The club races on most Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Check the website for race times.

Close with GRNZ per race schedules in the racing calendar


Kennels are open 60 to 120 minutes prior to the first race. Kennel times can vary depending on the length of race programs and the number of races being run so check with the club if in doubt.

Track Distances
Racing is conducted for all grades over 295m, 520m, 645m and 732m.

Trial Information
Contact the club.

Catering for all race meetings is available in Spectators Bar and Bistro oncourse. Additional catering can be arranged for groups if pre-arranged with the Club Secretary.



Distance Greyhound  Time (Date)   
295 metres     Bolty     16.69 (28/5/20)      
520 metres       It's A Blaze 29.42 (30/03/21)        
645 metres  Rohan Bale 37.31 (02/2/23)   
732 metres  Know Keeper 42.62 (02/11/22)   


Distance Time
295 metres 18.30
520 metres 31.50




Greyhounds are allocated points for their last four starts using the following tables

Last 2 Starts

Place Points


 2nd  8 
 3rd  7 
 4th  5 
 5th  4
 6th  3
 7th  2
 8th  1


 Non Tote  & Tier 2            
 Starters  8  7  6  5  4  2
 Place 1st  8 points  7  6  5  5  5  5
 Place 2nd  7  6  5  4  3  3  3
 Place 3rd  6  5  4  3  2  2  
 Place 4th  5  4  3  2  1    
 Place 5th  4  3  2  1      
 Place 6th  3  2  1        
 Place 7th  2  1          
 Place 8th  1            

3rd and 4th starts back

 Place Points
 1st  7
 2nd  6
 3rd  5
 4th  3
 5th  2
 6th  1
 Non Tote  & Tier 2            
 Starters  8  7  6  5  4  2
 Place 1st  6 points  5  4  4  3  3  2
 Place 2nd  5  4  3  2  1  1  
 Place 3rd  4  3  2  1      
 Place 4th  2  2  1        
 Place 5th  1  1          
 Place 6th              
 Place 7th              
 Place 8th              



• Qualifying trial form provided by the NZGRA shall be treated as a non-tote run for point's purposes
• If a greyhound has not had 4 starts, it receives 3 points per start until it has been allocated points for 4 starts
• Points are allocated on the last 4 starts in the distance that the greyhound was nominated for. Ie sprint 0-600m, Distance 601m & over
• Australian imports receive points on the same basis. Ie Their last 4 starts in Australia
• Downgraded greyhounds receive 18 points. Points apply only until greyhound has its 1st downgraded tote start. Points do not apply to Restricted races or greyhounds being nominated out of grade. 18 points still apply when nominations close before first downgraded start
• A greyhound recorded as fallen has that start disregarded for point's purposes
• When points are equal the greyhound with the higher points last start, then 2 last start, 3 last etc shall have preference. When two or more greyhounds are still equal and there are not enough remaining places in a field, the clubs selection panel will choose by ballot
• Restricted races are selected by highest grade but this points system will be used to separate greyhounds of the same grade when required
• When equal points (12) at distance debut, highest sprint grade gets preference. When sprint grades have the same points scored last start, 2nd last start etc apply
• When combining grades the highest points scorers in the lower grade to be combined will be placed in the higher grade race.
• Totalisator points are scored irrespective of the number of starters in the race. Non tote points are scored dependant on starters.
.  Greyhounds nominating at Christchurch that fail to secure a tote race start after two successive nominations when an uncombined race in the greyhound's current grade has been carded shall be guaranteed a tote start when a race for that greyhound's grade is next provided.

Group 1 Meetings, Group & Feature races are not included in this policy. These events will be selected strictly on points.

The onus shall be on the greyhound's trainer to notify the CGRC Manager of the two dates the greyhound has been nominated and failed to gain a start by 10am on the closing date of nominations so the Manager has time to check the eligibility for a start.