About Us

We celebrate and respect our greyhounds, their deep heritage and wonderful personalities. We care about them. Greyhounds are born to run and they love to compete. Our sport allows them to express themselves in their purest and fullest form. We love our sport, the camaraderie, the thrill of competition, the passion. This is our sport and we're proud of it.


Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) is the tradename of the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association Incorporated. GRNZ is an Incorporated Society consisting of ten registered member Greyhound Racing Clubs throughout New Zealand.

GRNZ is formally recognised in the Racing Industry Act 2020 as a constituent part of the New Zealand Racing Industry.

Objectives of GRNZ

Greyhound Racing New Zealand is the governing body for greyhound racing in New Zealand and provides governance, support and assistance to the affiliated clubs in the sport of greyhound racing. GRNZ is responsible for all the administration of all supporting functions such as racing and breeding support, animal welfare, promotion of greyhound racing, to race stakes and schedules.

Our Mission: To lead and grow the sport of greyhound racing.

Our Vision: Greyhound racing is a trusted, respected and vibrant entertainment sport in New Zealand.

Our Purpose: We love our sport. We love our dogs. They love to race.

Role of the GRNZ Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of GRNZ in accordance with its ultimate responsibility; the Objects of the Association.

The Board takes a commercial approach to its role which includes reviewing and approving the Statement of Intent and the Annual Business Plan, approving major infrastructure decisions and Club investments, monitoring the financial performance of the Association, appointing and reviewing the performance of the Chief Executive and ensuring the integrity, governance and greyhound advocacy at an industry and political level.

The Board's role is also to maintain and ensure adherence to GRNZ's rules.

The Board is made of up three independent Directors and four elected representatives. The Board has five formally constituted committees, these being the:
Racing Committee - discusses and reviews various racing and rule-specific matters on behalf of the Board;
Dates Committee - establishes dates allocations to Clubs for the coming racing season;
Finance and Audit Committee - responsible for advising the Board on the financial policies and the financial position of the Association;
Personnel and Remuneration Committee - reviews the Chief Executive's performance and remuneration, including all performance incentive arrangements and attends to any employment matters as raised by the Chief Executive; and
Integrity Committee - discusses all integrity and judicial related matters on behalf of the Board.