Welfare Rules, Standards and Policies

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GRNZ has a set of Rules, Standards and Policies that guide the industry and its participants to ensure that greyhounds’ welfare is at the heart of everything we do. These must be complied with at all times and include:

GRNZ Rules of Racing

The GRNZ Rules of Racing are the industry’s overarching regulations, and the latest version came into effect on 1 February 2023. The first aim of the Rules is to promote, enhance and protect the welfare of greyhounds. 

GRNZ Rules of Racing

GRNZ Greyhound Welfare Standards

Ensuring greyhounds have optimal welfare during their lifetimes is an obligation for everyone who manages or cares for them. The GRNZ Greyhound Welfare Standards set out the minimum standards for the care and welfare of greyhounds, whilst ensuring that greyhounds have positive experiences and a good life through optimal management by Licensed Persons (LPs).

Greyhound Welfare Standards


GRNZ has established regulatory policies that focus on the welfare of the industry’s greyhounds and the ethical obligations our licensed people have towards them. All GRNZ policies are enshrined under the GRNZ Rules of Racing, and any breaches may result in sanctions such as fines, charges, licensing conditions or disqualification.

GRNZ Greyhound Euthanasia Policy

Hot Weather Racing and Travel Policy

Hypoxia and Cramping Policies

Rehabilitation to Rehoming Policy

Use of Alternative or Complementary Medicines Policy

New Zealand Legislation

The GRNZ Rules, Standards and Policies place an equal or higher standard of requirements for people in charge of greyhounds than legislation imposed on regular dog owners by the New Zealand Government. However, these pieces of legislation still underpin the regulatory landscape that our industry operates under and must be complied with.

Animal Welfare Act 1999

Dog Control Act 1996

Code of Welfare: Dogs 2018


Any LP found not to comply with the Rules, Standards or Policies may be subject to a fine, charges, licensing conditions or disqualification.