Addington Track Remediation Work - June/July

Further to the initial investigative information presented to the industry in October 2023, GRNZ have engaged geotechnical engineers to carryout a more comprehensive investigation into the Addington track base. This work was carried out on Tuesday, with the final report and findings due at the end of the week.

Whilst these findings will determine the extent of work necessary to remediate and reinstate the base layer, plans are well advanced with regards to the timing of these works and the associated scope of works. 

Currently the scope of works will include but may not be limited to:

- minor remediation to lure rail
- installation & commissioning of safechase lure
- removal & stockpiling of track sand
- exposure of base layer
- survey of exposed base layer
- realignment of perimeter subsurface drain (subject to survey results)
- remediation & regrading of base layer relative to levels & grades
- remediation of sub base layer (subject to geotechnical investigation)
- minor adjustment of select outer concrete plinth sections (subject to survey results)
- reinstatement of bidim geofabric mat
- replacement & reinstatement of track sand layer
- consolidation, blending & final grading

Initial planning is for racing to cease at the venue from 24 June 2024, and recommence on 1 August 2024. Details will be finalised once the full extent of work required is confirmed over the next two weeks.

GRNZ and the Christchurch GRC are conscious of doing this work as quickly as possible to minimise the impact on racing and participants in the region. The works programme being developed will include potential evening work to reduce the time the venue is out of commission, while not compromising the integrity of work undertaken.

During the period Addington is closed, an additional race meeting will be added each week at Invercargill, along with a third meeting in the Central Districts on the new straight track at Wanganui. Details on the respective days of the week for these meetings are currently being confirmed with TAB NZ and the RIB.

GRNZ understands that this will impact LP’s and the industry adversely - however we need to undertake this work to ensure the integrity of the surface and welfare of dogs racing at Addington. Similar to previous times when Addington has been closed, GRNZ is reviewing with the CGRC options to provide financial support to participants with the significant additional travel required to compete. Details of this will be advised next week. GRNZ will also be available to support participants impacted by financial hardship with the welfare of their greyhounds in the Canterbury region over this time.

30 May 2024

Posted on 30 May 2024

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