Greyhound First-Aid Courses held around the country

Photo credit: Jenny Bartlett

“Prevention is better than cure” is a well-known quote, and Greyhound Racing New Zealand has worked in conjunction with Pet First Aid & Training NZ to provide extensive pet first-aid training, available to all greyhound trainers nationwide.

This initiative comprised the free distribution of custom-made first-aid kits to all trainers, while first-aid course attendees around the country were provided with a comprehensive pet manual.

This welfare initiative has assisted to greatly enhance preventative actions for greyhound trainers and has been warmly received throughout the country.

The pet manual consists of 54 pages and covers 25 areas, with great detail given to all parts of a greyhound’s body, along with coverage of other potential unforeseen circumstances and/or issues.

Christchurch based KiwiKiwi Hounds co-ordinator Jo Hardie found attending the Pet Fist-Aid & Training course at Addington Raceway an extremely enlightening experience.

“I definitely enjoyed the course and I believe it would be fantastic for all rehoming teams to be involved with. I also believe it would be amazing course for foster carers for rehoming groups to attend,” enthused Hardie.

“We had an informative talk from Emma (Addington veterinarian) covering off injuries and detection of injuries. The bandaging of heads and tails was interesting, using a really cool demo dog named Amo.

“I learnt heaps from the course and manual, and I absolutely recommend taking the course to all sectors of the industry – actually, to anyone who has pets, irrespective of breeds.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to attend the course. People at it really enjoyed the presentation,” expressed Hardie.

Northern owner/breeder Michael Schneider is also enthusiastic about the First Aid programme, saying, “Basically, for me, it covered off your human emergency-based procedures; however, in this case it was for animals. 

“As trainers and breeders, it’s our duty of care and responsibly to identify any health issues with our greyhounds.

“I have found both the manual and the course very enlightening. The in-depth coverage is extremely informative and helpful, covering off areas like bandaging, providing CPR to greyhounds, stabilising a dog, heart rates and pulses, heat and cold exposure – it’s a great first-aid course for the animal version.

“The course informs you on areas like how to stabilise a greyhound prior to getting to a vet.

“It also covered off material about areas that many of wouldn’t realise, like dangers in gardens and parks, where dogs can pick up foreign objects.

“Also, for me, it’s community positive – we are in a position give back to the community. After all, we are all passionate about dogs,” said an inspired Schneider, whose involvement within the industry started through his association with a retired greyhound around 10 years ago.

He successfully trained and raced Sassy Lil Lassy, who reached open class in her 26-race career, which included seven wins and eight minor placings.

Sassy Lil Lassy has since whelped a nine-pup litter, sired by Benali with a number of the progeny making a successful start to their racing careers.

Pawnote: The Pet First Aid & Training manual was produced with the assistance and expertise provided by the following professionals:
- Dr Michelle Ledger (BVSc MSc (IAWEL)) GRNZ
- Dr Graeme Ashby (BVSc BSc (Hons) MACVS) Vets North, Kumeu
- Dr Kym Shrimpton (BVSc CVA) Integrative Veterinarian, Acupet Veterinary Acupuncture                                                       
- Dr Jess Beer (DVSc) Kiwi Vet Behaviour


By Peter Fenemor

Posted on 16 May 2024

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