Note from GRNZ CEO Edward Rennell 13 October 2023

Clearly, the comments in last night's leaders debate were disappointing. Both made in the moment from the two participants who I assume, due to the nature of government and the election campaign have not had full access to our most recent reports.

GRNZ believes there are no grounds to shut the industry down and that ongoing positive improvements continue to be made across the industry with our standards of animal welfare. This is supported by the RIB's last report to the Minister for the quarter ended 31 July.

Accordingly, GRNZ's focus will be on ensuring a comprehensive and balanced briefing is provided to the incoming Government, whoever that may be. This will detail the progress made, the programmes introduced and highlight that in many ways greyhound racing is leading the way in terms of animal welfare across the racing industry. We will also re-emphasise the contribution greyhound racing makes to the economy and jobs generated by our activities.

So, while disappointing, LPs can take solace that everything is, and will continue to be done, to ensure the continuity of greyhound racing. This debate must be focused on facts and not emotive misinformation.

Thanks and Cheers,

Posted on 13 October 2023

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