RIB Introduces Body Worn Cameras

A note from the RIB

"Body worn cameras (BWCs) are being introduced by the RIB from 2 October 2023, primarily to protect the safety of our investigators, while also providing evidential benefits. A BWC is a small camera worn on the clothing or attached to a vest worn by an investigator, used to gather audio and video.

Research shows these cameras, commonly worn by people in compliance roles, will be a deterrent against anti-social and obstructive behaviour such as verbal or physical abuse, which may occur while Investigators are making enquiries in the course of their work.  A camera will only be activated where an Investigator has concerns for their safety and / or those around them, or in an investigative capacity to gather evidence.

To ensure the correct operation of these devices, the RIB has completed a privacy impact assessment, implemented new Standard Operating Procedures, along with each Investigator receiving training."

Posted on 02 October 2023

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