Greyhound Racing New Zealand “Great Mates” Rehoming Programme.

 GRNZ is proud to launch our new Great Mates Rehoming Programme. We have now opened our newly refurbished main rehoming kennels in Levin providing indoor/outdoor kennels for each of the dogs, new bedding, coats and toys with specific exercise and training areas. We have also opened two satellite kennels, one in Rangiora and one in Cambridge, meaning we now provide rehoming facilities across the country. To ensure the programme is a success, we have also appointed a new dedicated Rehoming Manager, Candice Robbins-Goodman.

The Great Mates Rehoming Programme is dedicated to rehoming more greyhounds by providing full assessments, training, grooming, vet care and de-sexing, to fully prepare each retired racing greyhound for a new life as a pet. We want to give every dog the best chance of being successfully rehomed. Therefore, every dog that enters the GRNZ Great Mates Rehoming Programme will be assessed not as a 'pass' or 'fail' but assessed in what areas they need extra training, to adjust to life as a pet. GRNZ and Nightrave Greyhounds will provide this specialist training. We are dedicated to making sure we are fair, consistent and successful in rehoming more retired greyhounds across the country.

We have also established excellent partnerships with the following rehoming organisations: Nightrave, Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) and Mayhounds. Once each dog is ready for their new life as a pet, these agencies will perfectly match up a dog with a suitable family and continue supporting them after they have found their forever home.

Greyhounds are wonderful to have as pets. They are loving, loyal, well-trained and easy-going dogs. They deserve a great retirement after their racing career ends, and we will make sure they get it!

Above: Lulu and Tyson, who have found new homes after going through the Great Mates Programme, led by our new Rehoming Manager Candice Robbins-Goodman.

If you are interested in adopting one of these amazing animals or know anyone who is, please contact one of our rehoming partners or Great Mates staff listed below:


GRNZ Rehoming Manager
Candice Robbins-Goodman
M 0272686373
Nightrave Greyhounds Limited
Fatima Advic & Rachel Rae
M 0274526723 or 021472243  
Greyhounds as Pets
Diana Anderson
M 0275066665 
Great Mates Kennels, Levin
Marie Pascoe
M 0274591717 
Great Mates Kennels, Cambridge
Carolyn Henley  
M 0279546160 
Great Mates Kennels, Rangiora
Calum Weir
M 0273240884 
May Hounds
Georgie Milne
M 021 717 950



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