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The Amazing Chase

2017 Annual Gala Awards Dinner

The Amazing Chase

The greyhound Amazing Chase series has got underway to a flying start with strong nominations throughout the country being received for it.

The mouth-watering match up of four 527m match races between two greyhounds racing paw to paw over a 40-minute period, when $30,500 in stakes must be won, will occur at the Manukau Stadium on July 30.

Not only are they racing against the other greyhound, they’re also racing against the clock.

30 greyhounds will now chase the clock in regional qualifying trials which will be held at the Manukau (527m), Hatrick (520m) and Addington (520m) tracks from 23 June until 23 July.

The three quickest from Manukau, plus the two quickest from each of Hatrick and Addington will get a placing in one of the four Manukau hosted final matches. The last position in the final will be drawn by ballot from the Hatrick and Addington third fastest times.  

The nominated greyhounds range from exciting Maidens through to Group 1 winners.

The table below will be updated each Monday morning during the qualifying period.

Only the fastest times at each venue will be published in the leaderboards.  More detail on the individual greyhound's form can be found by clicking on their name. 

Auckland (Manukau)

                Wanganui (Hatrick)                 Christchurch (Addington)
Ranking Greyhound Trainer Fastest Time   Ranking Greyhound Trainer Fastest Time   Ranking Greyhound Trainer Fastest Time  
1 Ridin' Shotgun Karen Walsh 30.22 1 Bigtime Vanessa Lisa Cole 30.26 1= Eagle Tee Ray Adcock  
2 Lochinvar Brogue Denis Schofield    30.59 2 Bigtime Bell Lisa Cole 30.32 1= Epic Dream Ray Adcock  
3 Bigtime Welldone Lisa Cole 30.65 3 Joe Joe Marcie Flipp 30.35 1= Harry Fields    Ray Adcock  
4 Westworld Ben Craik 31.02 4 Absintheminded    Lisa Cole 30.54 1= Ketchikan Blue   Jason Dunn  
5 Bigtime Vanessa Lisa Cole 31.17 5 Bigtime Flyer Lisa Cole 30.55 1= Opawa Shackley     J & D Fahey  
6 Spare Some Time        Lisa Cole 31.32 6 Bigtime Power Lisa Cole 30.64 1= Shantui J & D Fahey  
7 Thrilling Raider Karen Walsh 31.37 7  Bigtime Paddy Lisa Cole 30.71 1= Tom Tee Ray Adcock  
8 Storm Warning Lisa Cole 31.78 8= Spare Some Time Lisa Cole   1= Translator J & D Fahey  
9= Beautiful Boy Ben Craik   8= Storm Warning    Lisa Cole   1= Vikings J & D Fahey      
9= Beltom Denis Schofield   8= Cawbourne Trixy Matt Roberts             
9= Thrilling Flo Karen Walsh                  
9= Thrilling Surge Karen Walsh                  
9= Yap's Me Mum Denis Schofield                  
9= Zipping Silva Denis Schofield                  

2017 Gala Awards Dinner


This year we're heading to our southernmost club's home, Invercargill, for the annual Gala Awards Dinner.  It promises to be a fantastic night full of entertainment, excitement and recognition.  It's a chance for all of us to celebrate the achievements and successes of the year.  The event will be held at the world-class, fantastically unique, venue of Bill Richardson's Transport World right in among the classic motor vehicles and memorabilia.  

Bill Richardson's Transport World

Date: 16 September 2017

Time: 6pm till late

Venue: Bill Richardsons Transport World, 491 Tay Street, Hawthorndale, Invercargill

Dress code: Black Tie



Early Bird Tickets

(purchased before 31 July 2017)  


General Tickets

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