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Amazing Chase 2018

Amazing Chase

1. Dyna Weslyn
2. Dyna Dave
3. Pinny Mack
4. Cawbourne Krusty
5. Dyna Elwyn
6. Bigtime Paddy
7. Ask King Jeff
8. Nature's Gent
9. Avenger Bale
10. Bigtime Tears 

THE AMAZING CHASE 2018 LEADERBOARD (Last updated: 09:41am Monday 23rd July 2018)      
ENTRIES CHRISTCHURCH                                                    WANGANUI                                                    AUCKLAND                                                          
Nature's Gent Dyna Elwyn - 29.67 Bigtime Paddy - 29.92 Nature's Gent - 30.37*
Waitohi Dyna Dave - 29.75 Ask King Jeff - 29.97 Pinny Mack - 30.44*
Mija Sydney Dyna Weslyn - 29.81 Cawbourne Krusty - 29.98 Avenger Bale - 30.44*
Cristiane Cyborg Pirate's Curse - 30.10* Bigtime Tears - 30.06 Westworld - 30.47
Cameo Syd Dirk Bale - 30.20 Dirk Bale - 30.18 Dusty Gambler - 30.50*
Zipping Chang Avenger Bale - 30.38 Idol Tom - 30.18 Waitohi - 30.52*
Trip To Eden Rockstar Kobe - 30.45 Cawbourne Palmer - 30.23* Cameo Sid - 30.56
Nangar Rock   Cawbourne Trixy - 30.30* Cristiane Cyborg - 30.62
Cawbourne Trixy   Dyna Elwyn - 30.31* Ridin' Shotgun - 30.73
Cawbourne Krusty   Mija Sydney - 30.31* Zipping Chang - 30.80*
Cawbourne Palmer   Don't Knocka Gee - 30.34 Rockstar Kobe - 31.06*
Monster Fish   Bigtime Levi - 30.42 Nangar Rock - 31.15*
Idol Tom   Platinum Marshall - 30.48* Trip To Eden - 31.36 
Dusty Gambler   Nature's Gent - 30.48  
Ridin' Shotgun   Bigtime Vanessa - 30.57  
Westworld   Waitohi - 30.60  
Pirate's Curse   Cristiane Cyborg - 30.71  
Dyna Dave   Dyna Weslyn - 30.75*  
Dirk Bale      
Dyna Elwyn      
Avenger Bale      
Dyna Weslyn      
Platinum Marshall      
Rockstar Kobe      
Bigtime Paddy      
Ask King Jeff      
Bigtime Levi      
Bigtime Tears      
Bigtime Vanessa      
Don't Knocka Gee      
Zou Star      
Tipperary Mel      
Pinny Mack      

*Solo Trial

Race conditions
• The Amazing Chase shall be open to all greyhounds C1 and above who are eligible to race in New Zealand at Noon on Wednesday 20 June 2018.
• Nominations close with Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) at Noon on Wednesday June 20 2018.
• A donation of $100 in respect of each nominated greyhound is payable BEFORE the nomination closing date (being Noon on Wednesday 20 June 2018). This donation will go towards the charity selected by GRNZ.
• The donation must be accompanied by the prescribed nomination form.
• The nomination form can be emailed to and the donation paid to GRNZ with payment referenced as “Amazing” and Trainer’s name.
• No late nominations shall be accepted in any circumstances.
• A nomination may be withdrawn prior to the nomination closing date, and in these circumstances, shall be entitled to a full refund of the $100.
• Withdrawals after the nomination closing date shall not be entitled to a refund in any circumstances.
• Any withdrawals must be advised to GRNZ operations team, not the club.
• There is no limit to the number of greyhounds who can be nominated as long as each nomination is accompanied by the $100 donation.
• The donation entitles each nominated greyhound to one solo trial for Amazing Chase qualification purposes at any of the three venues (Addington 520m, Manukau 527m or Hatrick 520m).
• If the greyhound qualifies as one of the ‘quickest two’ for the Final at more than one track it shall be considered as an entry from its track located in the Region in which it is normally domiciled. In which case the next highest quickest qualifier at the other track will gain selection.
The solo trials shall be conducted in accordance with the following conditions from 21 June 2018 until and including 22 July 2018.
• Notification must be given to the relevant Club at least 48 hours in advance of the solo trial
• Solo trials can only be undertaken on a raceday.
• If the Club is forced to cancel the trial for any reason, the qualifying solo trial may be rescheduled
• If after scheduling their solo trial the trainer withdraws the greyhound there will be no penalty, but the trainer will not be able to reschedule the trial.
• A schedule for the clubs involved of when trials may be conducted will be placed on the web site and on the notice board of each club. .
• When assessing the quickest qualifiers at each of the three venues, all race times during the qualifying period (including placings) will be considered, in addition to any solo trials referred to above.
• All qualifying times (both race and trial) will be electronically timed.
• Greyhounds trialing for the Amazing Chase will be kenneled and trialed under normal pre-race conditions, and may be subject to being swabbed.

The final field shall comprise the eight (8) fastest greyhounds nominated, based on race times recorded at Manukau Stadium, Addington Raceway, and Hatrick Raceway, and/or trial times recorded at the same venues from 21/06/2018 to and including 22/07/2018 (the qualifying period).
In particular, the final field shall comprise the following:
• The quickest two (2) nominated greyhounds at each of Manukau, Addington, and Hatrick;
• The third quickest qualifier at the Host Venue, Hatrick;
• The greyhound drawn by ballot under stipendiary steward supervision from the third quickest qualifiers from Manukau and Addington
• Two reserves, which shall be the loser of the ballot draw referred to above and also the fourth quickest qualifier from the Host Venue.
• In the event of any identical times at each of the three venues, a ballot shall be conducted where necessary
• The final field will be declared following the final trial/race sessions on Monday 23 July 2018
• A manual box draw for the final will be conducted on DogZone Live Monday 23 July 2018 under RIU supervision.
• If there are is more than two scratchings from the final field, then any remaining greyhound in a match race will be required to race solo against the clock.
• GRNZ will make the final decision if any race conditions need to be changed.

The Amazing Chase
The race will comprise four (4) match races, with two greyhounds per match race.
Match races will run as per the Box Draw; i.e. 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8.
Greyhounds will jump from Box 1 or Box 3 (odd numbered greyhounds from Box 1 and even numbered greyhounds from Box 3).
In the event of a scratching(s), the reserve runner(s) shall take the place of the scratched greyhound(s).
The winner of each match race shall receive $3,000, and the loser of each match race shall receive $1,000.
The overall winner shall receive an additional $24,750, the overall second place-getter shall receive an additional $10,340, the overall third place-getter shall receive an additional $6,270, and the overall fourth place-getter shall receive an additional $2,640.
The overall winner of the race will be the greyhound with the fastest official time, with overall placings decided in ascending time order.
In the case of any equipment malfunction during the match races the race impacted on will be abandoned and the two greyhounds will receive a loser fee of $1,000.
GRNZ will reserve the right to not proceed with the Amazing Chase if nominations do not reach 20.

The race will be penalty free.

Oversight committee (race complaints, anomalies, queries, verification of final field, etc.)
Greg Kerr (chair) Robert Death, Tony Music, Venessa Trass, Gavin Whiterod.

For a printable version of these conditions and allocation of stakes, click here.

Amazing Chase