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The Amazing Chase

2017 Annual Gala Awards Dinner

The Amazing Chase

Absolutely amazing is the only way to describe what transpired in the four, two-dog head-to-head matchups with just 200th of a second separating three of the four 527m match winners in the inaugural running of the $30,500 Formpro Amazing Chase on Sunday 30 July. 

No one could have predicted what turned into a pair of noses separating the first three greyhounds. It sure was a truly remarkable series of match races. The official times and therefore the overall placings for all greyhounds were: 

1st = Shantui 30.22s
2nd = Ridin’ Shotgun 30.23s
3rd = Thrilling Flo 30.24s
4th = Tom Tee 30.37s
5th = Bigtime Paddy 30.52s
6th =Thrilling Raider 30.56s
7th = Bigtime Bell 30.68s
8th = Cawbourne Trixy 30.76s

Below are the final qualifying tables:

Auckland (Manukau)

                Wanganui (Hatrick)                 Christchurch (Addington)
Ranking Greyhound Trainer Fastest Time   Ranking Greyhound Trainer Fastest Time   Ranking Greyhound Trainer Fastest Time  
1 Ridin' Shotgun K Walsh 30.22 1 Cawbourne Trixy M Roberts 29.77 (ST) 1 Tom Tee R Adcock 29.99
2 Thrilling Raider K Walsh 30.35 (ST) Bigtime Paddy  L Cole 29.79  2 Shantui  J & D Fahey 30.34 (ST)
3 Thrilling Flo K Walsh 30.51 (ST) 3 Bigtime Bell
L Cole 30.24 3 Translator 
J & D Fahey 30.96
4 Westworld B Craik 30.55 4 Bigtime Vanessa
L Cole 30.26 4 Ketchikan Blue
J Dunn  31.23 
5 Bigtime Welldone L Cole 30.65 5= Bigtime Flyer
L Cole  30.39        
6 Beautiful Boy B Craik 30.70 5= Bigtime Welldone
L Cole 30.39        
7 Beltom D Schofield 30.83 6 Absinthe minded
L Cole 30.43         
8 Zipping Silva D Schofield 30.85 7 Spare Some Time
L Cole  30.51        
9 Bigtime Bell L Cole 30.91 8 Bigtime Power
L Cole  30.58          
10= Absinthe minded L Cole 31.03 (ST)                
10= Yap's Me Mum D Schofield 31.03                
11 Bigtime Vanessa L Cole 31.17                
12 Spare Some Time L Cole  31.32                


Withdrawn: Thrilling Surge, Storm Warning, Vikings, Joe Joe, Epic Dream, Harry Fields, Eagle Tee, Opawa Shackley, Lochinvar Brogue

2017 Gala Awards Dinner

This year we're heading to our southernmost club's home, Invercargill, for the annual Gala Awards Dinner.  It promises to be a fantastic night full of entertainment, excitement and recognition.  It's a chance for all of us to celebrate the achievements and successes of the year.  The event, MC'd by Trackside's Matt Cross, will be held at the world-class, fantastically unique, venue of Bill Richardson's Transport World right in among the classic motor vehicles and memorabilia.  

Bill Richardson's Transport World

Date: 16 September 2017

Time: 6pm till late

Venue: Bill Richardsons Transport World, 491 Tay Street, Hawthorndale, Invercargill

Dress code: Formal



Individual Tickets             


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To purchase tickets please email your requirements to

Accommodation: Our preferred accommodation supplier is the Ascot Park Hotel.  They have a limited number of rooms available for Greyhound Award attendees.  Contact them on 0800 272 687 or to book.