Schedules Waikato Greyhound Racing Club

THURSDAY 26 Sep 2019

Cambridge Raceway

Nominations close: Mon 23 September 2019
Draw: 23 September 2019
Withdrawals: 01:00 PM
Office: (09) 2637077 - A/H Robert 021-255-9666 Day Meeting
Kennelling time: Races 1 to 11 10.03am to 11.03am. Alternative kennelling Times Race 8 11.58am to 12.03pm, Race 9 12.16pm to 12.21pm, Race 10 12.33pm to 12.38pm Race 11 12.51pm to 12.56pm. RIU Steward in Charge Philippa Kinsey 027-705-2597


  • C0f Farmlands CopRice Series Final - 375m - $1,500 For greyhounds that contested the heats staged on the 19th September 2019.
  • C1 Mayhounds Retirement Project Conditioned Series Heats - 375m - $1,450 For C1 greyhounds, restricted to greyhounds that have won not more than one C1 race. The Final will be staged on 3rd October 2019 for a stake of $1,500. In the event of 15 or less nominations the Final only will be staged on the 3rd October 2019.
  • C1d Greyhounds North Graduation Distance - 650m - $4,100 For C1d greyhounds, note C0d greyhounds may nominate
  • C1f Garrards Horse & Hound Series Final - 457m - $2,700 For greyhounds that contested the heats staged on the 19th September 2019.
  • C5 Waterloo Cup (Group 1) Heat - 457m - $4,735 The final Waterloo Cup (Group 1) will be staged by the Auckland GRC on the 6th October 2019 for a stake of $35,000. See Special Conditions printed in the August issue of the On Track magazine. Box draw for the Final will be completed by AGRC on Sunday 29th September 2019.

First race: 12:00 PM
Distances: 375m 457m 650m 747m
Notes: Minimum Stake Schedule as per GRNZ policy implemented 01 August 2017. All classes catered for including combined grades are at Club's discretion with no conditions on nominations accepted. GRNZ dress policy applies but Club specific policy pertaining to dress is also applicable. All vehicles transporting greyhounds shall be parked in the designated Trainers car park within the confines of Cambridge Raceway Handlers are to provide catchers for 375m, 650m and 747m races. Stakes money will be paid by Electronic Transfer.