Schedules Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club

THURSDAY 24 Jan 2019

Addington Raceway

Nominations close: Fri 18 January 2019
Draw: 18 January 2019
Withdrawals: 01:00 PM - Scratchings: (027) 4310117 HIGH GRADEDAY MEETING *EARLY CLOSE*
Kennelling time: OPTIONAL KENNELLING RACES 8-10 12.51-1.01PM OPTIONAL KENNELLING RACES 11&12 1.26-1.36PM

First race: 12:00 PM
Distances: 295m 520m 645m 732m
Notes: Minimum Stake Schedule as per GRNZ policy implemented 01 August 2014. Classes catered for including combined grades are at Club's discretion with no conditions on nominations accepted. GRNZ dress policy applies but Club specific policy pertaining to dress is also applicable. Ties are mandatory per Club policy. Handlers are to provide catchers for 520m & 645m distances.