Pinny Mack straws for first two home in 2023 New Zealand Cup

Pinny Mack won the 2018 Waterloo Cup and the 2019 New Zealand Cup for the late Steve Clark.

The connections of the first two greyhounds to finish in next Thursday’s $100,000 2023 Springston Hotel New Zealand Cup will also come away with an additional reward.

Studmaster Sean Codlin is donating a Pinny Mack straw to the first two finishers in the 520m Group 1 final.

Pinny Mack’s former trainer, the late Steve Clark, certainly would have approved of the gesture made by Codlin.

Clark mentored Pinny Mack to victory in the 2019 edition of the New Zealand Cup.

“It’s a small token of appreciation to acknowledge the support I have received from the industry, including being named as the 2023 GRNZ Board Award winner. Also, Steve trained him to win the Cup and that’s why I have chosen the New Zealand Cup to donate the straws,” advised Codlin.

The Te Kauwhata-based trainer also harbours concerns about breeding in New Zealand saying, “Breeding numbers are down and I’m keen to encourage and support local breeders.”

Pinny Mack has four litters on the grounds and as Codlin says, “They are starting to hit their straps now.”

For example, the Jared Udy and Denise Cottam-trained Dapper Jabber reached C3 when he won his seventh race over 318m at Manukau last Sunday.

Meanwhile, Codlin is enjoying a great amount of current training success, including recently preparing 10 winners over 10 days.

Codlin attributes a portion of that success to his GRNZ Board Award title, which included a $5,000 grant as he explains.

“The first item I brought was a laser and using that has certainly helped my greyhounds.

“I intend use the balance of the money to purchase equipment to use with my team. Securing the right gear will enable me to build on the number of dogs I train going forward,” explained Codlin.

With an attitude like that, it would come as no surprise to perhaps seeing Sean Codlin fronting up at Addington with a Pinny Mack pup to contest a New Zealand Cup in the future!

By Peter Fenemor

Posted on 09 November 2023

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