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Kennel audits are now rolling out across the country. So what are they all about and what should you expect? Nick Ydgren, Acting Director of Animal Welfare, from the Racing Integrity Board (RIB), explains.

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This year the RIB – together with Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ) – has developed a new greyhound kennel audit process to monitor compliance with GRNZ’s Health and Welfare Standards (the Standards). Our teams are visiting all kennels across New Zealand this year.  

Our goal is for all kennels to be operating to high standards of animal welfare. The audits enable us to review where you are at against the Standards, and then support you to meet the Standards in any matters which need attention.

Once you’ve had the call to let you know the audit is planned, we encourage you to take some time to prepare. There are five simple things you can do before the audit:

  1. Look at the Standards on the GRNZ website or call GRNZ to ask for a hard copy.
  2. Make sure your treatment record register is up to date – you can print one from the GRNZ website, or call them and ask for a hard copy that you can fill in.
  3. Make sure your greyhounds’ and puppies’ vaccinations are up-to-date.
  4. Make sure you have an emergency management plan to keep yourself and your greyhounds safe in a natural disaster, and a back-up person to look after your greyhounds if something were to happen to you. Again, there are guidelines on the GRNZ website.
  5. Discuss the upcoming audit with your team, and make sure your kennels are in good shape.
The audit itself follows a structured process, run by a team of approximately four people including a vet.

The team will look at all areas of the Standards and assess your kennels against the Standards.

You can also expect a brief veterinary examination of each of your greyhounds including body condition, dental health, and a microchip scan.

The team will let you know about any matters that don’t comply with the Standards and will support and guide you on how to achieve compliance.

The areas of non-compliance found by the audits so far are, on the whole, things that are relatively easy to fix, or things you can make sure are in place before the audit. These include:
  • Having up-to-date treatment records for all greyhounds on site.
  • Ensuring all the greyhounds on your site are recorded appropriately with GRNZ.
  • Making sure your greyhounds are all registered with the local council.
  • Making sure all vaccinations are up-to-date, including for puppies.
It’s important to be aware that GRNZ will be reviewing the Standards relating to the size of kennels, and the extent to which they provide adequate protection from the weather, heat, and cold. GRNZ will be consulting on this soon. The audits have found many facilities do not comply with the current standards. Kennel owners will need to start thinking about making upgrades to property to ensure they comply with the Standards once finalised.
Remember, complying with the Standards is good for you, good for your kennels, good for your greyhounds, and good for the racing industry as a whole. It’s up to all of us to maintain the integrity of greyhound racing in New Zealand and we are here to help.

Provided by the RIB

Posted on 22 June 2022

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