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Hi everyone,

You may have seen a Stuff article earlier today, claiming that GRNZ has been editing race footage. The article also stated that GRNZ had been approached for comment.

Neither of these assertions are true.

They did not attempt to directly contact any of our staff.

Race replays are provided by TAB NZ, and TAB NZ edits race replays (both equine and greyhound) where it deems appropriate.

We have requested a correction from Stuff.

GRNZ fully supports TAB NZ’s policy and GRNZ’s priority in this area is also to ease the distress of connections.

TAB NZ’s policy in this area is as follows:

"TAB NZ and our broadcasting arm Trackside has a long-standing policy around race falls and injuries sustained in a horse or greyhound race.

While the event is shown live, all care will be taken to not show replays of the incident as part of our immediate post-race coverage.

Footage shared to a racing code’s website is cut together by our editing team and again, where possible, a fall causing an injury will be removed as appropriate. On occasion, a racing code may request the removal of an incident from the video replay if this has not been picked up in the editing process.

The overriding reason for removing replays of a fall is to ease the distress on the connections of the horse or greyhound, or the family of an injured driver or jockey.  

Information on the outcome of a fall or an injury to an animal participant or person is available through the Racing Integrity Board stipendiary stewards’ reports that are published at the end of the race day. These reports are available to the public on the Racing Integrity Board website and through the websites of the respective codes to ensure transparency around racing incidents."

Posted on 12 May 2022

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