PBD Update

The following greyhounds raced in PBD races on Monday 2 May 2021.  Those highlighted in Yellow had their Early Running Trait (ERT) revised as a result.

R R5 #1 HOMEBUSH COMET(McInerney)    
R R5 #2 HOMEBUSH RED(McInerney)    
R R5 #3 REPLICA REBEL(Pringle)    
R R5 #4 MAXI MILLY(McInerney)    
SS R5 #5 LONELY GUY(McInerney) Scratched  
SS R5 #6 KNOW MADAM(Cleeve) SR Immediately veered inward into the space provided by the Vacant Box contacting #4 twice.  Reasessing as SR to keep her inside the Straights
SS R5 #7 GOLDSTAR CHEWY(Evans)    
XW R5 #8 FLASHBACK FRED(Lane) Scratched  
R R6 #1 HOMEBUSH LEAH(McInerney)    
R R6 #2 FOXY ROSE(Breen) SR Not comfortable against rail on corner in recent races, better to be outside the Railers at least.
R R6 #3 OPAWA BARNS(Waretini) DR Out fast, cuts straight down to rail - again.
R R6 #4 IMPRESSIVE AMY(McInerney)   Off balance after awkward jump which causes her to veer out slightly.  Slight evasive action as #2 veers in front. No change.
R R6 #5 MAISEY(Lee) SR Able to take gaps outside or inside in career to date, another likely better outside the Railers
SS R6 #6 HOMEBUSH RIVER(McInerney)   Up with lids, so benefit of doubt, no change.
SS R6 #7 GOLDSTAR ROYAL(Evans)    
W R6 #8 CRYSTAL CILLA(McInerney) SS Veers inward and makes contact with #5 and appears to go amiss.  No recent history of running wide.  Reassessing as SS.
R R7 #1 KNOCKA KNOW HOW(Cleeve)   Up with lids, uses rail to get back into race, overreacts to #8 in home straight. No change.
R R7 #2 HOMEBUSH ARIANA(McInerney) DR Only has eyes for the rail.
SS R7 #3 ANGRY JANE(Roberts)    
SS R7 #4 WRINKLY WAYNE(McInerney)    
SS R7 #5 HOMEBUSH SUGAR(McInerney)    
SS R7 #6 NONILLION(McCook)    
SS R7 #7 HOMEBUSH CRYSTAL(McInerney)    
W R7 #8 OPAWA LIGHTNING(Wales)   Slipped after jumping, ran straight then again cut hard to rail at first turn - although with nothing inside her. No change.
R R8 #1 MR KUMAR(Breen)   WATCH: Possible DR.
R R8 #2 HOMEBUSH MAGGIE(McInerney) SS Moves outward after jumping then runs straight.
R R8 #3 MYSTERIOUS LADY(Lee) SS Ignored space inside her in run to turn, seems to prefer being away from the rail.
SS R8 #4 WILD THYME(McInerney)    
SS R8 #5 JUST STAGGER(McInerney)    
SS R8 #6 HOMEBUSH HERO(McInerney)   Up with lids, tracks to the outside of pack but simply running into space.  No Change.
W R8 #8 GOLDSTAR RIO(Evans)    
R R10 #1 STARR BLUEBLOOD(McInerney)    
SS R10 #2 SINHA MAN(McCook)    
SS R10 #3 HOMEBUSH YURI(McInerney)    
SS R10 #4 I'M A ARMADILLO(Breen)    
SS R10 #5 HOMEBUSH MILLIE(McInerney) SR Slow, moves into free space on rail.  Looks suited inside Straight runners.
W R10 #6 HOMEBUSH CARSON(McInerney) Scratched  
W R10 #7 GOLDSTAR LORENZO(Evans) SW On a watch after inward movement, does it again.
W R10 #8 KNOW KERATIC(Cleeve) SW Immediately veered inwards. Wouldn't want her outside a genuine Wide runner.
R R11 #1 KNOW MAJORITY(Cleeve)    
R R11 #2 MITCHAM HAMISH(McInerney)    
R R11 #3 BIG TINY(McInerney)    
R R11 #4 HOMEBUSH SAINT(McInerney)    
R R11 #5 GOLDSTAR ARIA(Evans)    
SS R11 #6 OPAWA MAX(Wales)    
SS R11 #7 HOMEBUSH VILLA(McInerney)    
XW R11 #8 DARK AND DUSTY(Roberts)    
R R12 #1 DAVE'S DEAL(Waretini) Scratched  
R R12 #2 HOMEBUSH RIO(McInerney)    
R R12 #3 GOLDSTAR DARWIN(Evans)    
R R12 #4 HOMEBUSH JET(McInerney)    
SS R12 #5 EL PADRINO(Weir) SR Slow again, acel straight then cuts inward 1st turn, best he remains inside Straight runners.
SS R12 #6 IMPRESSIVE CHARM(McInerney)    
SS R12 #7 OPAWA STUBBORN(McInerney)    
W R12 #8 AGENT NAVABI(McCook)    
Key to ERTs    
DR Determined Railer    
R Railer    
SR Straight Railer    
SS Straight    
SW Straight Wide    
W Wide    
XW Extra Wide    

PBD Process Explained (revised April 25 2022)

Posted on 02 May 2022

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