Greyhound Vaccination Compliance Critical

As you may have seen in the media, Parvovirus cases are on the rise amongst the general dog population in New Zealand.

Parvovirus is deadly, hence GRNZ requires all LPs to follow the Vaccination Policy and have your puppies vaccinated, and then keep their vaccinations up to date whilst they are in your care.

At Litter Registration Time
Litters will NOT be registered without Proof of vaccination by 12 weeks of age.

At Naming Time
Again naming and registration for racing will NOT occur without Proof of a vaccination between 12 & 16 months of age.

At Nomination Time
If GRNZ is not satisfied with proof of vaccination, GRNZ will remove greyhounds from nomination lists until proof is received.

At RIB Kennel Inspection Time
Proof of vaccination for all dogs will be sought.  This includes the annual kennel cough vaccination in addition to the core vaccination that protects against parvovirus and other serious diseases.

An outbreak of parvovirus would be disastrous for the greyhound population.

Posted on 08 December 2021

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