Racing Integrity Board Kennel Inspections

RIB Kennel Inspections will be More Comprehensive

The Racing Industry Act 2020 created the Racing Integrity Board with the following as one of its functions:
  • To support and monitor the operation and effectiveness of each racing code’s animal welfare policies and initiatives.
Hence RIB Kennel Inspections will assess properties and practices against the GRNZ Welfare standards.
Attention is drawn to standard 8.6 which stipulates:
Detailed records (including date, time, person prescribing, person administering, dosage) of all treatments administered to a greyhound including vaccinations, worming and veterinary medical treatments must be recorded and retained for two years. All such records, including a current vaccination certificate for each greyhound, issued and signed by a veterinarian, must be provided on request to GRNZ and/or the RIB.
These records will be assessed during a Kennel Inspection.
RIB inspectors will have microchip readers so that they can carry out an audit of all greyhounds on a property; pups, breeding stock, and pets as well as racing dogs.  The microchip readers will store a file of the greyhounds which will be downloaded and included in their report.

Posted on 19 November 2021

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