GRNZ Accept Recommendations in Review

Below is GRNZ's statement in regard to the Review into Greyhound Racing in New Zealand

2 September 2021

Greyhound Racing New Zealand Accept Recommendations in Review

We share the Government’s determination to ensure animal care is our priority and our community will continue to focus on the wellbeing of our dogs. We will cement in the continued gains made under the new management.

We will work assiduously with the RIB and government to ensure that our processes will deliver on the shared goal of excellence in animal care and transparency of information. We accept that these  processes will need to be maintained over the longer term to provide the appropriate reassurance. Despite this we may continue to face criticism raised by anti-racing groups. We do respect and always will  respect the social licence we have been granted.

Our revised management team have already put in place more new policies and reporting mechanisms which have enabled us to achieve the current improvements. As one of the most regulated sectors of the animal population in New Zealand with the comprehensive data we now have we are more than happy and ready to comply with the recommendations in the report.

In relation to rehoming we are currently matching the number of dogs rehomed with those bred annually. We would like to acknowledge our rehoming partners for all the work they have done to assist us to achieve this goal, especially Nightrave which has worked closely with us to ensure the thorough socialization of our dogs prior to adoption.

GRNZ wishes to provide a categorical assurance of our determination to work with the Minister, the RIB and the communities we serve to ensure high standards of animal care and access to verified and transparent data.

We must take issue with one aspect of the Minister’s Statement - we have provided an extensive and full submission and in no way have sought to obfuscate in any aspect of The Review or any other information we have been asked to provide.  Our submission is available on our website as noted below. 

Animal Care is a key priority for all of our team and our licenced persons, and we welcome the opportunity for independent oversight from the newly established Racing Integrity Board.

Our submission to the review is available on our website:

Any further information please contact:

Glenda Hughes

Posted on 02 September 2021

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