South Island Champs and Canterbury Futurity Headline A Big Thursday.

Suck It Up Ltd 2021 South Island Championship. C5F. $15,000.

1. Chrome. J & D Fahey.

Distant second from a more favourable draw to It’s A Blaze in his heat. Failed to fire last time he
drew the ace but is an improved greyhound now. He is a solid place chance if he can get a clean
beginning, and he will have to against these.

2. Goldstar Spook. R Evans.

Lead out a 645m race last start but it is hard to see him leading in this. Has performed solidly in
open class races to date, finishing strong to the line. Missing Chrome early could have an
advantage and lead to a potential top 3 finish.

3. Seductive Kiwi. C Weir.

His heat run last week was fair after showing up early, but still seems to be on the improve after a
spell. Was crossed early last week by Tokyo Bird who draws directly outside him this week. He
will have to hold her out early to be a place chance here.

4. Tokyo Bird. C Roberts.

Classy bitch who is yet to have winning success from the squeeze boxes. A performance on par
with last week would see her setting this race up in front. Missed away running third from box 5 in
the Oaks final in May, but seems to have grown a lot in confidence since then. If there is a danger
to It’s A Blaze it could be her.

5. Uthor Bale. C Roberts

The second of three Craig Roberts runners who all draw beside each other. He should be
inconsequential early in the piece which will suit Tokyo Bird, and Leonard Bale and he will be
running on late in the race. More than capable of picking up the first four thin end but that is most
likely his lot.

6. Leonard Bale. C Roberts.

More than likely to be in the early rush to the first corner along with Tokyo Bird. Will be nearing
peak fitness now after a tough few runs in the last fortnight. He is a remarkable greyhound who
always gives his best, and is sure to again for this.

7. It’s A Blaze. J & D Fahey.

The fastest dog in New Zealand at present and is jumping better than ever before. Will prove
incredibly hard to defeat here and is still more than a chance if he misses away. Close to the
complete package.

8. Van Evie. C Weir.

Showed a bit of a cheek early and stuck on reasonably well last week. Usually box 8 would be the
perfect draw for her, but against this caliber of field it might make things difficult. Talented bitch on
her day, but this race is likely to test her.

The Fitz Sports Bar 2021 Canterbury Futurity. RA. $30,000.

1. Opawa Lucy. J & D Fahey.

Couldn’t peg back an in form Epic Cruze in her heat but has been crying out for this alley.
She has a sub 30 second run under her belt and is one of a few winning chances here. The
biggest cliche in greyhound racing applies here as she will have to lead to win.

2. Jelly Fish. J & D Fahey.

New Zealand Oaks winner from box 6 and seems to enjoy drawing out more than in despite
having good inside 2 box stats. Will be a major player if she steps well but there is an abundance
of speed inside and out.

3. Opawa Solomon. J & D Fahey.

Another of five Fahey runners who have made the final. Last weeks run behind La Rochelle from
box 8 was his best in a while. Inside to mid draw form fails to flatter and there is speed on both
sides of him. Would need to replicate last weeks run to be in the finish.

4. Fairly Able. J & D Fahey.

Recapturing some form with a pair of seconds in the last two weeks. Has been in the thick of it
early but has never been super strong late. Her best chance lies with another quick beginning,
even then she looks to be up against it here.

5. La Rochelle. J Dunn

Along with Jelly Fish she is the class greyhound of the field. Her fresh up victory last week was
brave and she should be improved by the run. If she can find the top again she will be incredibly
hard to beat. Deserves a big race victory.

6. Know Account. G Cleeve.

Run home strongly to secure victory from Fairly Able in his heat, although this presents a far
greater challenge to him. He is clearly talented but will probably need a fair amount of luck to
feature at the business end.

7. Opawa Boys Paid. J & D Fahey.

Dug deep to defeat Jelly Fish in his heat and seems to be getting a bit stronger in finishing his
races. The draw on offer is unlikely to help his chances as the fast beginners inside of him will
prove hard to cross.

8. Epic Cruze. J McCook.

This boy is one of the most improved greyhounds in the country, winning against good fields in
decent times. Would have been a top pick with a better draw, and will have to work over time from
box 8. Still capable enough to get some but will have to go to another level again.

Posted on 13 July 2021

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