Changes to Minimum Stakes Schedule

From Monday 1 February the following two amendments have been made to the GRNZ Minimum Stakes Schedule:
Amendment 1:  Increase payment for 5th and 6th to $50 (from $20)
Amendment 2:  Increase C0 Middle Distance minimum stake by $1,000 to $3,450 and pay 66.67% to the winning greyhound
The former adds $60 to the total stake and is simply a reflection of how insignificant $20 has become.  The second is to provide the incentive of an early-return to owners and breeders.  As this is prizemoney, not a bonus, it is available to all dogs and opportunities to run out noms will arise.

GRNZ Raceday Injury Scheme Pilot
GRNZ has commenced a Raceday Injury Scheme as a pilot.
The desired outcome of the scheme is to ensure that raceday fractures to greyhounds only result in euthanasia if it would be inhumane to do otherwise.
The Injury Scheme will cover the cost of diagnosis and treatment for serious bone fractures.  It is being run as a pilot in order to work with individual LPs to obtain the best outcomes for the dogs.
The raceday vet will carry out their normal stabilisation/pain relief procedure.  Ideally, the injured dog would go home to familiar surroundings and trainers could arrange transport for x rays and further treatment as well as rehabilitation until the greyhound can join the rehoming program.
However, we appreciate that in a number of cases resources may not be available to do this and so GRNZ has a small team who can step in and assist with this rehabilitation role.  GRNZ will work with each individual case to achieve the best outcome.  
Thank you,
The Team at GRNZ

Posted on 28 January 2021

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