Interislander Animal Welfare Policy has Changed

A message from Interislander:

With our summer holidays rapidly approaching, we are pleased to announce our improved Animal Welfare policy that will help protect all our precious furry passengers over the hottest and busiest period of the year. 

In consultation with MPI and Dogs NZ, our new Animal Welfare policy is designed to ensure all pets and dogs are comfortable throughout their journey. The policy includes new limits on the number of dogs allowed in a single space and increased ventilation. So please familiarise yourself with our new requirements before travelling. 

Please note that if you cannot meet the conditions of our Animal Welfare policy then you will not be allowed to travel.


Nautical Miles members

Our new Animal Welfare policy enables us to park vehicles carrying dogs within the covered vehicle decks. This means we can return to offering Nautical Miles members with dogs priority disembarking.

However, please read our new policy before travelling as there are some significant changes. 


Travelling with Pets


Our new Animal Welfare policy includes the following requirements:

·         Maximum occupancy is 2 dogs in a car or 3 dogs in a Camper/Caravan

·         Dogs must have access to water at all times within the vehicle

·         Windows must be left open by 7cm

·         Animal Welfare declaration must be signed at Check in

Please read our full policy and tips for travelling with pets before arriving.




Transporting farm & hunting dogs


If you are planning to transport dogs using crates this summer then your dogs might be at risk if you do not read and comply with our Animal Welfare policy.

Our new policy requires that:

·         Maximum occupancy is 2 dogs per create or single subdivision

·         Dogs must be able to travel in their natural posture

·         At least 20% of vertical walls must be ventilated

·         Dogs must have access to water at all times during the journey

You will not be allowed to travel if your transportation fails to comply with our Animal Welfare policy, so please read the full requirements online now.




Specialist Owners & Professional Dog Handlers

If you are a specialist or professional dog handler who needs to carry above our Animal Welfare limits then you can apply for an exemption.

Applications need to be emailed to and must include the following information:

·         Booking number(s)

·         Number of dogs to transport

·         Method of transport

·         Any specialist equipment or trailers to be used to ensure dogs will be comfortable (please include photos)





Posted on 17 December 2020

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