Veterinary Advisory on Kennel Cough - Travel Restrictions Lifted

The cause of the recent outbreak of kennel cough (KC) has been confirmed as an organism called Mycoplasma cynos. 

This organism is not included in the routine KC vaccination and in fact there is no vaccine against this organism anywhere in the world.

 In spite of rigidly enforced biosecurity measures the infection is now widespread within the greyhound industry.

We are therefore taking a different approach to managing racing during the outbreak.

We are recommending a treatment regime using Erythromycin to treat affected dogs.  Note: this is simply an antibiotic and will not have any effect on swabs
The exclusion of affected dogs from race meetings will continue.  All dogs will be assessed at the routine pre-race veterinary examination and any affected dogs will be sent home.  
We will continue to impose the mandatory 10 day stand down periods for first-time kennels with affected dogs while all affected dogs will be subjected to 21 day exclusions.

This Mycoplasma is sensitive to chlorine releasing disinfectants such as Vetsan and Halamid.
It is also sensitive to the antibiotic Erythromycin.
Veterinarians will receive an information pack on this disease and antibiotic treatment from the NZVA in the next 24-48 hours. 
Travel Restrictions Lifted
With the infection already widespread, restrictions on nominating greyhounds between regions or transporting greyhounds between regions are now lifted.  However, kennels that have yet to be affected should remain cautious about risk of exposure and also avoid the risk of sharing vehicles with other kennels.

Posted on 17 December 2020

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