Cambridge Premier Meeting Postponed by a Fortnight

The Cambridge Premier Meeting scheduled for Thursday 31 December has been postponed to Thursday 14 January due to the kennel cough outbreak.
Heats originally scheduled for Christmas Eve will now also run a fortnight later on Thursday 7 January.
The Waikato club will now call for regular mixed-grade nominations for December 24 and 31.

  Thursday 07 January
                                Noms: Tue 05 Jan 12:00 PM
  $2,390  457m  C0   Mighty Waikato Maiden Series Heats 
  $4,620  747m  C2d   Thrilling Brat Distance Heats 
  $2,860  375m  C5   Denis Cole Memorial Waikato Sprint Heats  
  $4,735  457m  C5   Farmlands Virkon Waikato Cup 
  $3,095  457m  R/A   Farmlands Coprice Waikato Classic (Group 2) Heats 
  Thursday 14 January
                                Noms: Mon 11 Jan 12:00 PM
  $7,000  457m  C0f   Mighty Waikato Maiden Series Final 
  $6,005  457m  C1   C1 Feature Reserve Race 
  $8,120  650m  C2d   C2D Feature 
  $9,000  747m  C2df   Thrilling Brat Distance Final 
  $6,825  457m  C3   C3 Feature 
  $5,535  375m  C3   C3 Sprint Feature 
  $7,530  457m  C4   C4 Feature 
  $5,890  375m  C4   C4 Sprint Feature 
  $8,235  457m  C5   C5 Feature 
  $6,360  375m  C5   C5 Sprint Feature 
  $8,000  375m  C5f   Denis Cole Memorial Sprint Final 
  $10,000  457m  C5f   Farmlands Virkon Waikato Cup Final 
  $20,000  457m  R/Af   Group 2 Farmlands Coprice Waikato Classic Final 

Posted on 14 December 2020

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