Kennel Cough sees Inter-region Nominations Suspended

Measures to control of the current Kennel Cough (Mycoplasma) outbreak

Inter-region nominations are suspended until further notice while we try to contain this disease. ie only Northern trained Greyhounds to nominate for Cambridge & Manukau, only CD trained dogs to nominate for Wanganui and Palmerston North and only South Island trained dogs to nominate for Addington, Forbury or Invercargill.

All track facilities around the country (especially kennels, starting boxes and lures) are to be subjected to disinfection with Halamid during racedays.

No dogs can come from an affected kennel to a racetrack until at least 10 days since the last new case within their kennel.

Trainers should carefully perform a tracheal pressure check on each dog before taking it to a racetrack.

If a dog is scratched from a race meeting because of kennel cough then all dogs from that kennel will be deemed to be at risk and not permitted to be presented for racing until at least 10 days after their last new case.

All dogs will be subject to the standard veterinary check upon arrival at the track. 

Posted on 09 December 2020

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