Flyers Set to Take Off at Cambridge

Weather willing, some seriously fast dogs are set to smash the clock at Cambridge on Thursday.
Whilst arch-rival Buddy Boom takes a break, Trojan Hoarse has drawn his favourite box and will start at short odds in Race 10 at 3:06 pm.
Two weeks ago, Trojan Hoarse managed the impossible, overtaking Buddy Boom in the straight, normally when Buddy's in front the race is over.
However, even more eye-catching was the effort of third-placed Thrilling Bruce who fell out of the boxes six lengths last, and cut the leaders advantage to ribbons with a remarkable burst of speed.  Watch him in the Black rug here:
Bruce lines up again along with seriously quick kennel mate Thrilling Brax who is very hard to get past when he jumps.
Trojan Hoarse comes North with last start track record breaker Big Time Angel, who is one for one on the course and can definitely do better than the pedestrian 21.56 she clocked then.
Trojan Hoarse already appears twice in this season's top ten 375m times at Cambridge, including the top spot set in January.  His name may well appear a third time if he makes a flyer from 1.  Thrilling Brax looks hardest to beat and Big Time Angel should get a gloriously drag along if the Hoarse just first.
In the day's final event, all eyes will be on the Green box, to see if Bigtime Cooper can repeat his super impressive jump from a fortnight ago.  
See him in the Black & White here:
He may well need to as lining up in the pink is another early flyer in Lochinvar Dynamo from the red hot Ferguson kennel.  Both Lochinvar Dynamo's Cambridge wins were in faster times than the 25.49 posted by Cooper on June 25.
Tipping the scales a little more in favour of the eight is Big Time Jackson 's presence in the seven.  Jackson is pretty good at box rise and will then head toward Cooper and so perhaps allowing appropriately named Dynamo the room to make a winning move.
However, the race may not end there. Thrilling Rosa has already posted three of the five fastest 457m times at Cambridge this season and a repeat of that sort of form would have her winning again.  But her recent form has been hamstrung by slow starts, something that would all but end her hopes here.
another Ferguson charge, Robson has drawn the red and while it's not his favourite box, Levi alongside him in two will leave plenty of room so he has to be liked for the trifecta.
Season's Ten Best Winning Times:  Cambridge 375m
Time Dog (Box) Date
20.75 Trojan Hoarse (1) Jan 2
20.80 Thrilling Neve (2) Jun 4
20.83 Thrilling Razor (6) Feb 9
20.86 Buddy Boom (5) Aug 15
20.91 Buddy Boom (6) Jun 4
20.92 Iron Eyes (4) Jun 4
20.93 Thrilling Peta (5) Dec 5
20.93 Trojan Hoarse (4) Jan 30
20.94 Suspicious Minds (4) Dec 12
20.94 Thrilling Izzy (5) Feb 27
20.94 Sports Mode (5) Jun 4

 Season's Ten Best Winning Times:  Cambridge 457m  
25.21 Bigtime Brody (5) Dec 24
25.28 Thrilling Razor (5) Mar 22
25.29 Thrilling Rosa (1) Jan 9
25.32 Thrilling Rosa (2) Jan 23
25.33 Thrilling Rosa (5) Dec 24
25.33 Thrilling Roar (4) Jun 4
25.36 Lochinvar Dynamo (1) Jun 4
25.37 Melita Vella (7) Dec 24
25.38 Sakichi (6) Dec 5
25.38 Melita Vella (3) Mar 22

Posted on 08 July 2020

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