Standard for Blinker Policy

A dog must complete a Satisfactory Trial in Blinkers before wearing them in a Race (Rule 44.17).

Blinkers may be taken off or added at any stage without the need for another Trial but the following procedures must take place. 

• Stewards must be informed of the desired change (includes the change to one or full blinkers) prior to 5 pm on the day before the meeting in which the Greyhound is engaged to race.
• Stewards will then make the change to the dog’s gear list.
• No dog will be allowed to start if wearing Blinkers different from what has been notified (Rule 44.13). 


• Blinkers must be positioned upright and not on an angle and must be attached securely to the muzzle to avoid movement or damage in the wind.
• Must be made from a light material, preferably wire covered with a sturdy thick black material that has a non-reflective finish so as to not affect the sight of other runners or compromise photo finish equipment.
• Edges to be rounded with no pointy or sharp areas that may cause injury to the greyhound or other greyhounds.
• The length of the blinker must not extend beyond the nose strap on the muzzle which may otherwise affect the forward vision of the greyhound or have the potential to interfere with photo finish equipment.
• Blinkers must be of sufficient height so as to fully obscure vision from the side but must not be greater than 7cm in height from the horizontal wire atop the muzzle.

View the policy document here


Online Nominations Form Changes:

Please note that due to these policy changes, the nominations form now excludes box first, inside blinker and outsider blinker in racing gear. 

Posted on 06 July 2020

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