New Rehoming System will be Implemented Tonight

Good morning all,

Our new rehoming system will be going live on the evening of the 25th of May and will be available for you to use from the 26th of May.

What does the new rehoming system do?

The new rehoming system allows us to better track our greyhounds throughout all stages of their lives. It will allow our trainers and owners to select the rehoming kennel waitlist they want their dog on and will be able to see their dog’s progression on the waitlist in realtime, keep track of the greyhound and its status throughout the rehoming process, and allow the rehoming agencies to select available dogs ready for adoption. 

What does this mean for the way I deregister my dog?

  • You will use your existing Members Area log in for the system; if you do not have one please contact the office and we can set one up for you. The location of the deregistration tab etc. will not be changed, it will remain under the Licensed Persons tab in the Members Area.

  • You can now provide additional information on the dogs such as behavioural notes, the reason for deregistration, it’s pet name etc.

  • You will now be able to see your deregistered greyhound’s progress under the “My Retired Greyhounds” tab found at the bottom of the Licensed Persons tab in the Members Area.

What does this mean for my dogs currently on a waiting list?

Any dogs currently on a waiting list or in the kennel will be migrated over to the new rehoming system and they should see them on their My Retired Greyhounds page from Tuesday 26.

We will be sending an email out shortly along with a video showing the process of deregistrations and how to view your waiting list step by step. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our website may be down for a few hours tonight while the implementation takes place.

The GRNZ Team

Posted on 25 May 2020

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